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What is the best way to win the Valorant eSport Championship? Build your skills!

By VishWeb Nov 15, 2021
eSport Championship

In 2021 if you are passionate about real-time strategies-based gaming, then you are a perfect candidate to dream of a big career in eSports. To your surprise, in many countries, the employment rate has increased by 5% to 8% because the eSport Industry has opened up so many opportunities for those who sit around and play games. On June 2, 2020, Valorant, launched by Riot game, became every pro gamer’s instantly favorite first-person shooter game. According to the latest statistics, in just 2 months, the game received over 15 million active players. Further ahead, in no time, it became the 2nd ranking best eSports in the entire world. 

With such a great level of success, if you are still waiting in line to purchase Valorant, it is time to become decisive and buy it instantly. New Valorant eSport championships are coming up. Thanks to our eSport experts, we brought to you the five most effective strategies that will help you win Valorant with the biggest score ever. Break the record!

#1: Want to pick a character? Think twice

Do you know what the most common mistake that each beginner player makes in Valorant is? He picks up a character right away. Because it is a multiplayer online video game, every team on the battlefield picks a character that they master. Therefore, they are always in a rush to make that choice. But, you shouldn’t do that. We advise you to wait and allow other members online to pick a character for themselves. If you are in a practicing zone, we recommend that you pick a character in the end so that you can give high competition to others onboard. 

In this way, you will also gain skills to master different characters. Thus, when you enter the championship (anytime soon), you wouldn’t have to deal with the fact that you didn’t get the character you desired. 

#2: Always switch between Scope-in and Scope-Out

For the most part, in first-person shooter games like Valorant esp, players feel confident when they have their weapon scope-in. Meaning they are always in “aiming” mode. However, sometimes what happens is that when you scope in, you miss upon a lot of small details. As a result, you cannot figure out what’s going around because you can only see a zoomed-in version of the game. Consequently, if an enemy is nearby you, he/she can attack you without your knowledge. You wouldn’t get any time to defend yourself. 

Thus, we advise you to build a habit of scoping in and scoping out every 50 seconds in the game. 

#3: Always switch your defending position – be unpredictable!

In the event that you play Valorant with the same set of multiplayer online regularly, they become habitual to your gameplay. For example, presuming that you hide behind a garage window to defend yourself and aim at others – you can become an easy target. How? Well! Next time your opposite team tries to find you, they will easily predict that you are behind the garage window. Henceforth, they will catch you off guard. So, in our view, your defending position shouldn’t be the same 3 times in a row. 

#4: Practice “Blind Fire”

This is one of the most mind-blowing strategies that Valorant eSport Championship gamers shared online. Do you know? In Valorant, players have a smoke at their disposal which they throw when they don’t have a defense strategy. Thus, when they throw smoke, the enemy can no longer see them. But there’s a loophole. That’s right! Whenever a player from the opposite team throws smoke at you, just assume that they are running against the smoke. So, to kill them, you can blind fire in the direction where you assume they’d run logically. It is called blind fire. 

#5: Don’t be insulted by randoms

In Valorant, there’s a competitive mode where you can play with random players on the battlefield. On the side, a chat continues. Now, what happens is that one of these randoms will throw insulting comments to provoke you for an unnecessary fight. Or, their insults may distract you from the gameplay, and you will lose. 

So, it is best to avoid insulting other random players or reacting to the insults that they deliver. Be a bigger person, and you will be a champion!

To know more about eSport games and performance records, bookmark us! Thank you!

By VishWeb

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