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What are the most-watched eSports tournaments of all time? Check out this list!

By VishWeb Nov 13, 2021
eSports tournaments

It is no secret that the eSports industry is still growing. Henceforth, when it comes to researching, there is no long list of historical events. However, believe it or not, eSports tournaments have been a game-changer for the entire industry. To the reader’s surprise, eSports have offered some mind-blowing events in the past that are still recognized under the word “finest.” Today, we brought you a complete list of the best eSport events that changed the entire gaming industry for a better future. Let’s take a glance: 

#1: LoL or League of Legends World Championship – Record-breaking tournament 

This year’s league of legends world championship seemed like the rise of an army of pro gamers. After an entire year skip in 2020, T1 – the LOL World Championship South Korea team made a comeback. To the reader’s surprise, over 2.2 million live viewers watched the entire championship event online. With the rise of youtube and twitch in the context of live game streaming, millions of game lovers rewind videos where T1 and Faker stood against each other on the battlefield. It would be easier to reason why youtube and twitch nearly collapsed that day. 

#2: Free Fire Continental Series Asia (2020)

Do you know? In 2020, the free-fire continental series in Brazil faced an entirely upsetting yet necessary cancellation. Free Fire Continental Series Asia 2020 ended up getting more attention than it demanded from 2.6 million viewers from Asia alone. Not only this but the rest 2 million viewers from America and Europe joined. Henceforth, making it one of the most closely watched tournaments in the history of eSports games Asia. 

To the reader’s surprise, the prize pool for the free fire continental series Asia was only 9 hundred thousand dollars. As a result, Team Liquid, EXP Esports, and Shabornaya CHr went home with less prize money than they expected. But all in all, it was one of the most successful Asian esports tournaments. 

#3: 2019 Fortnite World Cup New York

To begin with, Fortnite World Cup 2019 was an entirely new beginning of the esports and collaboration of teenage gamers. That’s right! The entire World Cup event revolved around Kyle Bugha, a 16-year-old gamer who entered the event as “solo.” It was definitely a brave move. 

Not only this, but this event included a lot of prominent Fortnite players from youtube who further collaborated with celebrities in order to raise money for charitable purposes. Thanks to 2.2 million viewers, the prize pool of this world cup increased up to 30 million USD. And Kyle Bugha, the solo mode player, went home with 3 million USD prize money for his victory in the finals. Inspiring, isn’t it? 

#4: PUBG Mobile Global Championship 

If you tell any gamer to watch PUBG Mobile live streaming 24 hours a day, I will bet he’d do it. And this theory is pretty much clear from the viewership record of PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0 that received over 3.8 million viewers from all over the world. The prize money for triumphing this championship was seven hundred thousand USD which then became the glory of team Nova eSports. The most amazing part of this championship was that 24 different teams (5 members each team) participated from different corners of the world. 

#5: The International 10 (prize pool of 40 million USD)

Within the range of 10 years, The international (championship’s) prize money has widened from $1 million to $40 million. That’s a 40X growth. Well! Believe it or not, but the success of the International for the past 10 seasons goes to its participants who are so aspiring. For example, viewers couldn’t wait to watch Puppy play, who in 2015 switched teams from Natus Vincere to Team Spirit. Not only this, but it is one of the most-watched championship events in China. To the reader’s surprise, there are a total of 22 Chinese gamers in The International. 


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By VishWeb

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