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How to Make Quality Video Content: Top 5 Basic Rules

By sophia cook Feb 25, 2022
Video Content

Consumption of video content has increased dramatically in recent years, according to recent studies, it’s already over 80%. Reading posts and studying newsfeeds on Facebook is increasingly preferred over scrolling through the Tiktok recommendations. Content creators are trying to keep up with users’ changing interests and make more videos. And if you too want to get into today’s video trends, we know how to do it. Here are 5 rules to follow when shooting your videos.

Decide on an Idea

The advice is obvious and somewhat trivial, but it doesn’t make it any less important. Creating a video doesn’t start with the first shoot, but with the concept. One abstract idea is not enough, even if it is original, interesting and seems brilliant in general. The smarter the script is, the better the result will be and the more accurate your artistic idea will be. Not out of place would be to study current trends in advance to understand what currently appeals to viewers. It is also worth watching other people’s videos with a similar message for comparison. After the idea is formed, schedule each scene – to determine the roles, to decide who and what will do in the frame. Without this, the work will be raw. Tell the finished story.

A mini-film with a complete story has a better chance of success than a meaningless and storyless set of frames. Of course, in the second case, the video can also carry a strong semantic load, but the viewer will be easier to understand a well-formed story. There are 3 elements of the story in any video: the mise-en-scene, the confrontation and the resolution of the conflict. To put it simply, there is a plot, a climax, and a denouement. This scheme can be implemented even in a very short video. It will help to make the content catchy and not boring. Thinking through your script, do not forget to add to it some ambiguous situation that makes the story exciting and interesting to the viewer.

Evoke Emotion

Videos are similar to thousands of slots online, as they evoke an emotional response from the viewer. Content that doesn’t provoke feelings just flips through and is forgotten, so try to put in your video not only some thoughts, but also an emotional appeal. Emotions can be anything. For example, you can use a classic gimmick and show the viewer something sweet. Or try to get him to empathize with the difficult path of the main character in the video. Negative emotions can also make the content more memorable. Fear, shock, sadness can work, but in this case, it is important not to cross the line, so the video does not repel those who watch it. Humor is also a good emotional tool, but you have to know your audience well to use it. Coming up with something really funny is difficult, the jokes don’t always work. But if you can, then the video will get a lot of views.

Remember About the Voiceover

Of course, nowadays most people prefer to mute their videos, especially if we’re talking about posts or Instagram stories. But this does not mean that you can neglect the voiceover and rely solely on the picture. It’s better to take care of what the viewer hears if he turns on the sound, because it’s the sound that tells the story. It is especially important for mobile devices that most viewers use to watch the video because a small screen does not transmit the picture quality to the full extent, the difference between 720p and 1080p is imperceptible. And the sound is always the same, the only question is whether it is equally good or equally bad.

Take Care of the Equipment

Having the equipment is what separates a simple video from a real blockbuster. If you want a good picture with high detail and special effects like slow motion, you have to try. Perfectly, you will need a modern camera and lighting equipment. You can rent a camera and light. Usually there is a wide range of choices – it’s not difficult to find equipment for a specific task and budget. However, you don’t have to pay a lot of money for it. Now you can see more and more content created with handheld gadgets. So, basically, all you need is your smartphone camera.

Don’t Make Videos Too Long

The modern perception of video content has changed a lot, and now the speed of the video has become a decisive factor. There is a lot of information now, and people don’t want to spend extra time processing it. A couple of minutes is enough for them to catch the necessary message, so try to make your videos shorter, but at the same time succinct and informative. Think of Tiktok, which is so popular right now. In one minute, the authors manage to tell a complete story. It’s worth taking their example.

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