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video editing tools for android

Traditionally, video editors was performed on high-end desktops. Such computers needed to have decent storage, high RAM, and satisfy tonnes of other specifications. As the popularity of videos saw an increase, video editing was no longer restricted to computers. However, while using a smartphone, you cannot expect it to have extensive specks like that of computers. Luckily, several mobile video editing applications do the job well. Today the population of Android users has risen to a whopping 2.8 billion population. In this article, we will focus on the top video editing tools for Android devices.


InVideo is one of the most dynamic editing tools, and you do not need to download any application to use this on your Android device. InVideo is a simple-to-use online tool that lets you select a template, upload your footage, and edit it. The trimming, addition of texts, sounds, and special effects are highly intuitive, and you can create a video even if you do not have prior editing experience.

For those who are keen on creating a video from scratch on their Android device, InVideo offers the option of choosing a blank template. You can then personalize the content in any way that you prefer. The USP of InVideo is that you can leverage this tool to create videos in over 70 languages.

InVideo allows you to access its media library and use all the editing features to create videos for free. However, such videos will have a watermark. To remove the watermark, you need to upgrade to paid subscriptions that begin at $20 per month.

Movie Maker Filmmaker

If your video editing needs are basic and you just need a tool to trim, crop, or rearrange your video sequences, then the Movie Maker Filmmaker is a safe bet. While this does not offer high-precision trimming, the specialty of this tool is that it allows the user to set focal points and design custom filters. That way, you can save your branded color choice as a filter and use it in all your promotional videos.

Movie Maker Filmmaker is a simple-to-use tool and lets you add basic music to the video. It is a free tool without any in-app purchase options and has ads. The features of Movie Maker Filmmaker ensure that it is a perfect choice for brands on a tight video marketing budget.


Most of us know ActionDirector as a desktop-based video editing tool. However, the Android version of ActionDirector is the ideal tool for basic video editing such as importing clips, trimming, adding text, and changing the pace of the video. You can add your music to the video and personalize it to your taste,

The only catch with the Android version of ActionDirector is the fact that not all smartphones support the tool. On the Google PlayStore page of the tool, you will find a nifty tool that will help you figure out if your device is compatible with the tool.

ActionDirector is a free tool that supports 4K quality video editing. However, to use all the features offered by the mobile application, you will need to upgrade to the premium version that is priced at $3.99.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the few mobile editing tools that have a multi-track timeline. That way you can combine multiple clips and create a perfect video.  The advanced editing features of the Adobe Premiere rush include the cloud syncing and motion effects features.

The Adobe Premiere Rush is the ideal tool for editing your marketing videos from your Android device. While the tool does have a free version, you will be paying as per the feature, and the maximum subscription stands at $53.99 per month. However, the advanced features and high-precision tools ensure that the tool gives you a good ROI.


If simplicity and promptness of video creation are your priority while choosing a tool, then Quik is a great option to consider.  Here, all you must do is upload your pictures or video clips. It is a free tool without in-app purchases and lets you upload up to 50 clips at a time. Once the media is uploaded, Quik automatically analyses it and comes with a short video.

There are about 25 video styles, and if you do not like the prepared video, you can re-order it. After you are satisfied with the clip, you render and export it. While Quik may not offer you advanced features for professional video editing, it is an ideal choice for personal social media videos that you need to create with minimal effort.


PowerDirector is a comprehensive mobile editing tool that lets you create video collages, add special effects to the video, and supports high-speed rending. If you are looking to create slow-motion videos, PowerDirector will give you some of the most dynamic options.

PowerDirector uses the classic timeline method of video editing and is an ideal choice for creating branded content. While the application is available for free, you need to pay to use all its advanced features. 


For those who are keen on preparing short social media clips, VivaVideo is a perfect choice. The Android app is targets beginners and uses a storyboard editing style. You begin by uploading the clips, editing, and trimming them. There are more than 200 filters for you to choose from.

After selecting the relevant filter, you add appropriate texts, special effects and change the pace of your videos if required. The free version of VivaVideo has a restriction on the length of the edited video. You can tackle this by opting for the pro version that is priced at only $3.99.

With every passing day, smartphones are getting more and more powerful. It is estimated that sometime in the future Android devices may become more powerful than the advanced computers of modern times. With the video editing tools discussed above, you are equipped to join the mobile editing revolution and create stellar video content from the comfort of your palm.

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