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How to convert Instagram to MP4 in 2022

Instagram to MP4

How to turn Instagram to mp4 in a few moments? In this article, you’ll get all the basic information about Instagram video formats, dimensions, etc. If you want to save and repost someone else’s Instagram video in mp4 format, to your account or share it on another social media platform — you’ll need to download the Instagram video and convert it. Alternatively, you can download the Instagram video in an mp4 format through an instagram video downloader.

Need to convert Instagram to mp4? 

For posting an Instagram video somewhere like Twitter or TikTok, you will need an Instagram to MP4 converter or a downloader for Instagram with an initial mp4 saving format. You can save Instagram videos with the most popular site for downloading videos from Instagram — Toolzu Instagram downloader. 

  • Toolzu is a free Instagram downloader.

Yes, you read it correctly, one hundred percent free Instagram to mp4 downloader and converter, as the name itself says. 

You can access it from anywhere in the world. Available for iPhone, Android, and PC.

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Toolzu does not require any installation as it is a web downloader. All you need is an internet connection to get started. Have you already started to worry? But hold your horses, because these are not the only advantages of Toolzu. In addition to its simplicity and ease of use, it also has the following advantages:

100% security and anonymity

Downloading any Instagram video is 100% safe and anonymous with Toolzu downloader. Enjoy this safe and free service.

9+ supported websites

You can download videos not only from Instagram but from Facebook and TikTok too with a Toolzu downloader. 

100% Free download

Toolzu video downloader for Instagram is free.

Multi video downloading 

Toolzu supports simultaneous downloading of video from the feed, Stories, Reels, and other Instagram video channels.

Be aware: 

Instagram, of course, is fighting accounts that violate copyright and contradict Instagram’s policies. An account with copyright infringing content may exist for some time. In order for the video and music not to be deleted immediately, then you need to change the music and video so that the control sections from the audio and video streams do not correspond to the digital casts of the original audio and video streams stored in the Instagram database.

How to turn Instagram to mp4 in five simple steps

  1. Select a video on Instagram

Open the video that you adore and want to download to watch again and again in high quality or post on other social media.

  1. Copy a link  

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the desired video and select “Copy Link”, which in technical language is the URL, so don’t get confused and follow it.

  1. Go to the Toolzu downloader

Bookmark the Tollzu downloader in advance, and after you copied a link goes to the Toolzu website

  1. Paste the link to a video

Paste the copied URL of the Instagram video into the dialog box, click the “Download” button and see how the magic unfolds in a matter of seconds.

  1. Find an Instagram video. Toolzu converts Instagram videos to MP4 and saves them on the device you are using.

Pay attention while converting Instagram videos on these points:

  1. The original resolution of the Instagram video you’d like to download or convert is high.
  2. You’ve pasted the URL of the Instagram video you’d like to save. You can use any Instagram page to save videos, for example, the main feed, status, or the Explore page.

Get ready to download and watch an unlimited number of high-resolution videos from Instagram.

Why do you need to convert Instagram to mp4?

If you have already selected a video for an Instagram post, but the application does not allow you to click “Next” in any way, perhaps the whole point is that your video was recorded in the wrong format.

Even if your video files are displayed in the Instagram gallery when you click “Next” you still can’t go to the next step, and the selected video does not upload on Instagram in any way.

The problem most likely lies in the fact that your video does not meet Instagram’s requirements regarding file type, frame rate, resolution, duration, or size. So for this kind of problem, we suggest you use a video converter. 

It supports all key formats (including HD-quality video)

as well as all video and audio codecs, including HD video (H.264/AVC, AVCHD, MKV, TOD/MOD, TS), as well as all video, and audio codecs. Supported formats: DVD, quality, frequency, bitrate and ASF, Flv and SWF files, MOV and MP4 and M4V files, RM and work in batch mode, 3GP, anime, and others. 

The converter uses only high-quality video processing algorithms, so the conversion takes place with almost no loss in quality; the quality depends only on the profile you choose.

And check if your video for Instagram is ok with all of these Instagram requirements:


Feed Stories Reels
Max video size 4Gb 4Gb 4Gb
Max video length 60 minutes 15 seconds 60 seconds
Orientation Vertical/Horizontal Vertical Vertical
Proportion 1.9:1, 16:9, 1:1 9:16 9:16
Promotion Yes Yes, without stickers No


Video content on Instagram is gaining more and more popularity from year to year. This is partly due to the opportunity to get free coverage through Reels, as well as the highest probability of catching the attention of followers and delivering your offer. Therefore, it is so important to know the formats for videos in the feed (in-feed), Reel, and Stories, so that the proportions are not distorted, and the video turned out to be of good quality.

Use the most professional tools to get Instagram videos for future reuse. 


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