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What are the most competitive positions in Dota 2 Esport?

By VishWeb Nov 26, 2021
Dota 2 Esport

Dota 2 Esport is widely watched all over the world. But, as a player in Dota 2, beginners go through a lot of difficult phases where they find it challenging to pick a position for themselves. For example, in each Dota, one soft support position holder and a hard support position holder hold the battleground for combat. But, which two players will hold the combat depends on the strategies that are running the game. Therefore, each position has its own farm priority. Today, we brought you a brief guide on competitive positions in Dota 2 eSport Gameplay. 

Apart from this, in this reading, you will also learn about the roles and responsibilities that each position holds. It is also essential to n that in Dota 2, each team’s goal is to destroy the Ancient structure of the opposing team. Thus, each team contains one team member who is expertise at holding one of the following positions respectively. Let’s learn now: 

Position 1: Hard Carry (level: Core)

To begin with, a player that holds a Hard Carry position means that he would require the highest priority of the farm. For the most part, this core position is generally accessible in triplanes (three lanes of consecutive nature). Because Dota 2 has so many triplanes, this is why the Hard Carry position requires gold in place of levels. One of the major responsibilities of this position’s heroes is to ensure that he has the largest fraction of farms. With each level crossing in Dota 2, the significance of the Hard Carry position holder (hero) increases because the hard carry hero is the one who leads the entire team in the later levels. 

If for a team, a hard carry hero dies in the beginning, they will probably lose the game. 

Position 2: Semi-Carry (level: second priority)

As mentioned before, Hard Carry is the one who holds the highest priority of the farm. Thus, logically, semi-carry in Dota two eSport remains responsible for both protecting the farm as well as approaching the mid-lane. With a semi-carry hero in your team, you can lose perspective because, as a mid-layer, a semi-carry hero carries a lot of decisions that impact the entire gameplay at a higher level. Any wrong move from semi-carry can deliver a significant advantage to the opposite team. 

Thus, if you want to become a second position holder in the Dota two eSport, you should consider yourself as both a farm securer and ganker. 

Position 3: Suicide Solo (Or, also called offlander)

As the term “offlander” suggests, this position comes with the responsibility to take the field and go solo against the opposite team. Some players also acknowledge this position as Suicide Solo because it is dangerous. A suicide solo position hero goes on a single lane against the opposite team’s triplane. Thus, the possibility of securing a farm as a suicide solo is definitely challenging. But, many rare players have successfully done it in the past. Since you go up against the opposing team directly thus, you have to make some crucial decisions without interacting with others. Henceforth, in a way, you also become the tank of the team under a few scenarios. 

Position 4: Jungler (Or, also called Roaming Support)

The term Jungler and roaming support have the same meaning. One of the major responsibilities of a jungle is to deliver ganks to the team from time to time. Junglers are definitely the second last to secure any farm in the game. Yet, it is possible, of course. For the most part, it is the roaming support hero’s responsibility to predict the creep’s next move and further protect the team from unwanted combats. To fulfil this role in Dota 2 esports, you must have a lot of patience in you because there’s always a right moment when your attack can benefit the entire team

Position 5: Hard Support (Or, also called BabySitter)

Apart from Hard Support and BabySitter, some players also consider position five holders as the mother of the team because this position offers complete selflessness to the team. More often than not, position 5 holder roams behind hard carry (a few cms apart). But, whenever it seems like hard carry requires support, the babysitter jumps in. 

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