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Best iOS Apps for Students

iOS Apps for Students

For every academic challenge, iOS has an app. The apps make assignments faster, easier, and more accurate. They also make it easier to organize your schedule and achieve more. 

iOS has been one of the most prolific app development platforms. It has some exclusive apps that will transform the life of any college student. Here are excellent iOS apps for students that will change the life of a college student

Elephas is the revolutionary iOS app and Mac AI app stands as the quintessential tool for students seeking unparalleled AI assistance in their academic endeavours. With its powerful features, Elephas goes beyond conventional writing apps, enabling users to effortlessly generate ideas, outlines, or even entire blogs in mere minutes. Its multilingual support broadens its appeal, accommodating students worldwide. One of Elephas’ standout features lies in its ability to craft professional emails that captivate attention, showcasing the app’s versatility. With 15 different content types available through its robust presets, Elephas empowers students to express their thoughts coherently across various formats. The emphasis on good grammar streamlines communication and enhances the user’s credibility. Perhaps most impressively, Elephas can generate a Keynote presentation in just 30 seconds, transforming the tedious task of presentation creation into a seamless and efficient process. Moreover, the app’s pocket-friendly pricing ensures that it remains an accessible and indispensable resource for students navigating the challenges of academia. Elephas truly stands as the best iOS app for students, combining innovation, efficiency, and affordability in a single, user-friendly package.

Motion Math 

Motion Math helps a student to learn fractions easily. The app uses an engaging approach that will keep the student alert throughout the lesson. In fact, your worry will be an addition to the game. You can use the app to do my java homework or get help from professional essay assistants online.  

The app is based on the journey of a star lost in the galaxy. It is trying to make its way home. Your role is to help them start to solve fractions that get intense as you move from one level to the other. 

Motion Math Fractions come with exercises presenting different difficulty levels. The challenge gets intense as you move from one level to the other. It is these changing difficulty levels that motivate you to keep playing. As you play, you will interact with advanced dimensions of fractions. 

Math will never be boring with Motion Math App. The app is designed with an engaging interface, making each exercise memorable. A limited version of the app is free. 

3D Brain 

The app is designed for biology students who want to understand the brain better. It gives you a 3D view of different sections of the brain, to help you to understand how injuries and the health of your brain affects other human functions. The developers have a detailed 3D presentation of the brain from different angles. 

3D Brain allows you to zoom in and rotate the 29 in-built brain structures. The structures present a clear view of different parts so that students can extract their part of interest. The structures are extremely interactive, enabling you to focus on particular learning ideas. 

3D Brain also comes with some of the ground-breaking cases studies on the human brain. You will also learn about the functions of different segments of your brain as well as disorders that would affect its functionality. It also offers links to the latest brain research. 

3D Brain is available on subscription. However, you can access the free mode with limited features and for a specific period. 3D is one of the best rates iOS student apps. You can use the app on a computer or the web, helping you to transfer the experience. 

The Homework App

An overwhelming schedule could cause you to forget some of your assignments. In other cases, you remember when it is too late to do anything. The Homework App is the solution. 

The Homework App keeps assignments at the top of your mind. You can set as many reminders as possible at different intervals before the submission deadline. The app also allows you to manage tasks within another task. In this way, you can set the major reminder and include minor reminders that track your progress in different chapters or sections of your paper. 

The Homework App also uses color codes to highlight the importance of different tasks. It allows you to use snaps or images to make tasks easier to remember. 

The Homework App has an easy-to-use interface. The sections are automatic to trace from ‘Home’. Because of its ability to segment assignments and add sub-tasks within the main assignment, it has become one of the most popular homework management apps on iOS. 

The Homework App interacts seamlessly with other apps and platforms to send alerts. For instance, it can send an alert by email or messenger. It is free for a limited time and with fewer features. The app will help you to take full charge of your homework without having to rush at the last minute. 


Flashcards help you to organize your studies and learning materials. They will also aid in revision, especially in memorizing the main point. It will help high school and college students to tackle some of the most difficult topics. 

FlashCards app is easy to learn. You also customize the sizes, colors, and structure of the card, enabling you to create a unique learning experience. FlashCards app is available on the Apple Watch, helping you to access your learning materials across devices. You can create the cards in different languages and get assistance with pronunciation, dialects, and speech speed. The app is free but you have to pay for the advanced features. 

iOS app development platform offers incredible options for homework help. It has some of the most innovative and easy-to-use apps for college students. You will love the ability to use the apps and access the details stored on the web or other Apple devices.

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