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Best Health and Fitness Apps 2021

By mindmingles Oct 8, 2021
Best Health and Fitness Apps

Getting in shape is a little bit hard, and sometimes expensive. Personal trainers with personal training software, dieticians, and other factors will interfere with the maximum budget a person can spend on this process. That’s why, joining specialized fitness apps or listening to sports gurus or doctors online is helpful, cheap, and even free. Our team selected the best apps every sports and diet enthusiast should know about. 


Using MyFitnessPal is just as easy as you’ll play at a casino online. Simply hit the Sign Up button and provide all of the requested data. Apart from some of your info, the website will ask you to select your goals to create the best plan for your body. Complete the questionnaire, take control over your goals and start a healthy lifestyle with your newest pal, from diet to exercise.

Because you can be on, MyFitnessPal is available for iOS and Android smartphones too. It also comes with additional apps that will help your transformation process. MapMyRun, Garmin Connect, Fitbit Tracker, or Strava are the most popular ones. MyFitnessPal lets clients join for free or be a part of the premium program that costs 50 USD annually or 9,99 monthly. The premium subscription comes with personalized meal plans and recipes, personalized goals, and a 100% add-free experience. 

Newcomers can try the premium version for free, only for a month. 


An old Latin saying “mens sana in corpore sano” is what HeadSpace is trying to follow. This app is centered on mindfulness and meditation and it’s trying to help people relax and fall asleep easier. You can join HeadSpace for free for 14 days and then decide if you would like to use the app more or not. Those who choose it, have to pay 69.99 USD annually. Wonder what you get with HeadSpace? An entire library of sleep sounds and focus music, yoga and fitness videos, and guides to meditate and release all of your daily stress. 

HeadSpace is a great partner for everyone, starting with the beginning to the end of the day. With the app, you can learn how to manage your feelings and emotions better, how to escape daily drama situations, and improve your focus. There are beginner guides and explained techniques for everyone who would like to take a break and reduce anxiety.


Dieting works hand in hand with fitness. Fitplan is an app that gives access to any user to work out with professional personal trainers. You don’t have to meet them or go to the gym to complete your training sessions. All you need to do is to download the app, prepare your home fitness corner and even buy some accessories to complete the daily fitness program. Each video comes with step-by-step instructions and smart tools that will help you track your progress. 

What is interesting about Fitplan is that it stars well-known athletes including Jen Selter, Alex Rodriguez, Michelle Lewin, or Brittne Babe. The annual price for Fitplan is the same as HeadSpace – 69.99 USD per year, with unlimited access to all videos. Add to that the merch created for fitness lovers and the smart meal plans, and you’ll get a great fitness app. 


Today, TikTok is one of the most used entertainment apps in the world. Lots of athletes, dieticians, psychologists, and entrepreneurs join this outstanding app to teach, promote and create high-qualitative videos for people interested in being healthier, happier, and richer. Joining the app is a piece of cake as it can be downloaded from the App Store/Google Play 100% free. 

Once downloaded, just open a new user account, select the area of interest and search video content using popular tags. Just add in the search bar fitness or mindfulness and you’ll get thousands if not millions of step-by-step short and easy to follow videos. Follow any specialist you like and keep your eyes on their live streams. You can send them virtual gifts and even share their content with other friends of yours. 


The easiest way to find a good athlete, personal trainer, or psychologist is via LinkedIn. Join this platform, and don’t forget to download the app to get in touch faster with professionals. Look at their experience, how and what their services are about, and message them to get more info about their gig prices. Scroll down on their walls, take a closer look at the post comments and other people’s reactions before deciding to use their services. 

The best thing about LinkedIn is that finding a professional is free and easy. The single condition is to have a free account or premium account.


Apart from being a safe and secure app, Instagram not only lets you be n touch with your friends and share the best moments of your life, but it comes with great influencers and athletes too. The app is completely free to use and provides you educational and entertaining videos too just like TikTok does. 

Do a little bit of research and find a professional that will keep you motivated to achieve your ultimate goal. Look for him/her and hit the follow button to see the latest posts, advice and fitness techniques.  


Mental health and fitness apps are more popular than ever nowadays. With or without subscriptions, there are lots of videos to watch for free via TikTok and Instagram. Try to learn from professionals and keep track of your evolution. Maybe, in a few months you’ll be in the best shape ever and enjoy your new healthy lifestyle. 

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