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16 Best iPhone Emulator For PC To Run iOS Apps 2018 (Updated)

iPhone Emulator For PC

Do you want to run iOS app or test and you do not have iPhone? No matter, you do not have to worry. Today, We will share the best iPhone Emulator For PC. You can select any emulator and install it on your PC. After installing you can install any iOS application on this iPhone emulator and you can run it. If you are an iPhone app developer and you want to test or run your iPhone application but you do not have a separate iPhone or iOS version then you can run the iOS app by installing iOS emulator on your pc. iPhone emulators are best for those people who are really impressed by features of iPhone but are hesitant to use the same as they feel that they won’t be able to handle the new operating system. Through these iPhone emulators, you can experience the working of iOS on your androids or systems. All you have to do is to get these emulators on your system and it will create the environment of iOS on your android phone or even on your PC. Emulators are being used for quite a long time but generally, people associate the emulators with games. They just use it for playing those games which otherwise are not supported by their phones or systems. But trust us emulators are way more than just gaming.

iPhone Emulator For PC

iPhone Emulator For PC
iPhone Emulator For PC

These emulators are used for testing features which belong to different systems, they create the almost same replica of the system you want to test. Like iPhone emulators, these emulators will help you to create the perfect replica of iOS on your android phone. You will be able to have the first-hand experience of iPhone without actually buying it. There are multiple reasons for using iPhone emulators, some of them are:play at minimum deposit casino

They will let you run iOS apps on your system:

By using iOS emulator, it totally eliminates the need for having separate iPhone. You can enjoy features of both Android and iPhone in the single device only. You will be able to run all apps which usually are not available on Android.

Cost- effective:

To use these emulators, you really need not worry about the cost. You just have to buy these emulators for once only and it saves your cost of buying actual iPhone. You can first take the experience of handling iOS and then when you feel you are comfortable using it you can switch your android phone to iPhone.

Good for casual use:

You may find this reason weird but at times people just want to buy iPhone to play games which are exclusive to iPhone. For such situations, you can just get these emulators and can casually play games on your android phones.

Easy to transfer data:

Transferring data from iPhone to PC is a very tedious task, but with the help of iPhone emulators you can easily transfer data to and from PC to your iPhone.

Best iPhone Emulator For PC

These emulators have the capability of running many applications on many systems including windows. iPhone Emulator For PC is free of cost.

These iPhone emulators are designed in a way that they are really user-friendly, easy to install and really convenient to access. We are pretty sure that after knowing about these iPhone emulators you must want to have them on your system or android phone as soon as possible.

There are enormous iPhone emulators available, but, you need to check the best compatible emulator for your system. Having an incompatible emulator may disrupt the working of your gadget. For your ease and convenience here we have gathered information about best 20 iPhone emulators to look out for in the year 2018.

MobiOne StudiOS:

The first in the list is MobiOne StudiOS, which is apt for your windows pc. It allows the user to use iOS apps on their windows with great ease. This emulator comes with an advantage of not being hungry for the resource, it has the ability to function on any windows without giving you any concern regarding hardware limitation. This is really helpful and good iPhone emulator for those who want to use and develop the application which is cross-platformed by nature. MobiOne has feature through which you can have the status notification in the same and replicated form of iOS notifications. However, MobiOne StudiOS have been discontinued by the disclaimer but still once you can install it by downloading.

Smart Face:

Developed with a focus on professional users. Smart Face is more recommended for developers who use emulators to develop iOS apps. This emulator helps them to test whether or not the app developed by them is functional or not. Because it is developed for professional use, it costs around $ 99, which may increase if you want to have the higher version of the same. However, the free download is also available if you want to test it before buying, but it has limited features and to explore and use all features of this iOS emulator you need to buy its full version by paying the cost. is one of the favorite iPhone Emulator For PC Windows. It has the number of features that make it stand out amongst all other emulators. The best feature of the same is speed, it has an amazing speed that allows you to use all the apps without any glitches and faults. It is a user-friendly app which is easy to access. It does not have any special settings even a layman who does not know much about these emulators can easily install the same in their system. It focuses on simplicity yet gives you abundant of features. You just need to sync the apk with this emulator and the work here is done. Whether you want to test app or just want to play a game you can easily do everything on this emulator.

After reading the name you may have thought why we have put an app here which is related to food. Trust me, the first time when I heard the name even I thought that it is some food-related app but no it is one of the iPhone emulators. You will get to know once you will download it to use. As its name, even its functions and features are really unique. It is one of those emulators that apart from allowing you to run iOS apps, it also allows you to develop and test cross-platform games on iCloud. This emulator is partially free, for first 100 hours you can use this for free and afterwards you need to pay $0.05 for every hour you use it.


It is an iPad emulator for pc, which is simple and convenient to use. It saves you from running behind the emulator to install and work. This emulator works well for both professional as well as casual developers. You need not be equipped with advanced knowledge or expertise to use this emulator. It is easy to understand and is really flexible to work with. You need not go into technical details of the same, you can just download it and use it without any guidance, with its self-explanatory feature.

Xamarin Test Flight:

This iOS emulator is the first emulator which was developed to test apps and games made for iOS. You can download and install the same on your PC but as compared to other iPhone emulators this one is little complicated and requires professional guidance. It is best suited for professional use rather than casual use. You really need to learn how to use this, and once you learn its technicalities then it is one of the best emulators or simulators. But it comes with a restriction, it can only be used for apps which are developed for iOS 8.

Air iPhone:

Air iPhone works on the similar framework of Adobe AIR framework. Anybody who is familiar with the working of Adobe AIR framework must be knowing that how wonderful this emulator is. It is easy and convenient to use with varied features which makes it one of the most loved emulators amongst its users. The moment you will install this app, the look-alike screen of iPhone will open in your system and you will be able to open all the prominent iPhone apps like mail, weather, music, can easily access with the help of this emulator.

iPhone simulator:

iPhone simulator is one of the emulators in its category. Apps and games which are at early stage of development work best when used with this simulator. You will have a real-time experience of iPhone, its interface and graphics are of best quality. However it will not give you control of all iPhone apps, it will not let you use App store. It works on the flash system and it gives you access to major utilities like clock, calculator, notepad, and notepad.

iPad Simulator:

iPad simulator is one of the best emulators for iPad. Once you have installed simulator on your phone you will be able to access message. It will be available as Google Chrome extension. It will function same as cloud operating system. There are numerous features in this simulator which gives you the exact feel of iPad. So if you have missed the chance to buy iPad because of its high price then you can install this simulator to experience the features of iPad.

Electric Mobile Studio:

A professional level iPhone emulator used specifically for professional use only. It provides various options and features that can help to fulfill the developmental needs of both iPhone and iPad. This iPhone simulator costs around $ 40, however trial version of the same is available for free but again it restricts certain features and does not allow you to avail all benefits of the same. It may sound expensive to some but for professional users, it is worth investing in the same.


My personal favorite iPhone Emulator For PC is the ripple. This emulator does not come with any restrictions. Most of the emulators come with certain limitations, but this can help you to test and develop all iOS apps irrespective of its versions. It works appropriately for the old, new and advanced version of iPhone apps. Another best feature of this is that it is available with chrome extension, which makes them easy to use. There are no complications in setting up the process of the same. However it is still in early stage of development, hence there can be few bugs while working otherwise it is an amazing emulator to work on.


If you want an emulator just for playing games and nothing else, then this is the best emulator for you to work on. If you do not want to have an emulator for testing and developing apps, then go for Imame. It is light in nature, therefore does not have any hiccups while using the iOS apps. It will run almost all the games of iOS and generally do not have any compatibility issues with any of the games.

Nintendo 3Ds emulator:

Nintendo is not a new name for gamers, it has made its niche in the gaming segment. Nintendo 3Ds emulator helps you to play games with 3D effects. It has got great reviews from iOS users. You can easily play games on your system using this iOS emulator. It is console which helps you to play games which you must have played in your childhood with 3D effects.


One of the latest iOS emulators in the market, specifically used by professional users. It helps in emulating iOS systems on your Personal computer. Mainly used by app and games developers, used to check compatibility of cross-platform apps and games with latest versions of apps.

IDOA Emulator:

It helps you to work effortlessly and seamlessly in your PC. However, from past few days, there has been no updations regarding bugs and features of the emulator.

Remoted iOS Simulator:

This version of the emulator is a product of Xamarin, like other versions of XAMARIN, this is another product which is used for testing compatibility of apps and games with windows. But we would recommend you to first use other emulators for testing if they do not impress you much then only try your hands on this one.

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So, these are the best iPhone emulators you can get for your beloved phone. Try them today and enjoy a flawless experience with the exquisite iPhone. Hope this post will help you to find iPhone emulator for PC. Please feel free to give any feedback or to ask any question regarding best iOS emulator for pc, we will revert you back as soon as possible. And if you want more articles like this then stay tuned for new updates.

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