10 Best Nintendo 3Ds Emulator For PC and Android 2018


Nintendo 3Ds Emulator will help you to enjoy your favorite childhood games all over again. This Nintendo 3Ds Emulator will take you back to memories when you used to play games on your consoles with your friends but as technology evolved, such games took backseats. But now you can download different versions of Nintendo 3Ds Emulator for PCs and Androids to play and show your kids you’re all-time favorite childhood game. This 3d invention of Nintendo will help you to get the 3d effect on your favorite childhood game. Now you can show your kids how your childhood games looked like and its 3d effect will even attract them to play these games.

Best Nintendo 3Ds Emulator For PC and Android

Nintendo 3Ds Emulator
Nintendo 3Ds Emulator

These emulators have the capability of giving you 3d effect without actually wearing your 3d glasses or any other accessory. These gaming consoles were first released in Japan in the year 2011. And has been really popular since then, but after these 3ds emulators were launched, these consoles got unmatched popularity. It gave gamers all-new experience of the gaming world, it was a huge success. It became treat and delight for players to use these 3ds emulators as they did not get much configurations and options in 2ds emulators. 3Ds proved to be really useful and entertaining, these emulators not only give you the real-time experience of Gaming but also helps in cracking cheat codes available to unlock the various features of the game.

The attractive features of Nintendo 3Ds Emulator are:

  • Better resolution, playing the game on Nintendo 3Ds Emulator gives you an amazing experience. It has a wide range of resolution almost up to 720 pixels.
  • Automatic save mode: If you got to do some work while playing, it will give you an option to save your game and later on to resume the same from where you left. You need not start from level 1.
  • Outstanding Graphics: HD view of Nintendo games through Emulator will give you the real-time experience of playing the game.
  • Audio effects: Along with visual effects it has some amazing audio effects as well. You can use speakers or even headphones to have better sound effects while playing the game.

There are different emulators available on the internet to download, generally, you get to download them for free of cost. However, some of the high version emulators may cost you some bucks. Here we have brought you top ten Nintendo 3Ds Emulators that you can download in your system or androids. But we will suggest you look for the most compatible emulator for your system as incompatibility of the emulator with your PC or Android may disrupt your game or due to incompatibility you may not even able to run the game on your system.

Citrus 3Ds emulator:

Citrus 3Ds emulator
Citrus 3Ds emulator

A user-friendly feature of Citrus 3D emulator makes it the most popular amongst an entire lot of emulators. This Nintendo 3Ds Emulator allows you to access your favorite games on PC. Mostly it is compatible with all the systems. Being an open source 3Ds emulator, you can easily find it with Linux support, Windows and Mac OSX systems. It is widely used and in today’s time the most reliable Nintendo emulator. However, even citrus encounters few stability issues but constant efforts of gaming developers eliminate these issues very soon. Few of the features may not be available in Citrus but still, it has got more than enough features for you to play with.

Ultimate x3DSx Gold:

Ultimate x3DSx Gold
Ultimate x3DSx Gold

The fastest of all Nintendo 3Ds Emulator, is most convenient and popular amongst Android users. It is compatible with almost all androids and helps to run most of the games. It has various distinct features, one of them which makes it stand out among rest of the emulators is that external wireless controllers are fully supported by this emulator. The other distinct features of this are Gyroscope and solar sensor emulation. For downloading and playing the game through this you need not have BIOS file. It provides you with the option of filtering cool videos through its GLSL shaders. However you can not include any game directly on this app, you need to first install them on your external memory and then you can play the same with the support of this app.

NDS Boy! NDS Emulator:

NDS Boy! NDS Emulator
NDS Boy! NDS Emulator

Through this superb android emulator you will able to play amazing games like Mario, Pokemon and much more alike. It has great compatibility. It also offers you the various option for configuring your game according to you. However, it is more suitable for smartphones which have higher RAM and memory as compared to other android emulators. You can play the game directly with this app, it also supports RAR format of the game. All the features of this app can easily be unlocked for free of cost, you just have to download the same from some authentic source.

DraStic DS Emulator:

DraStic DS Emulator
DraStic DS Emulator

One of the most authentic and reliable Nintendo Emulator is premium in nature. It fully supports your Android device and gives you easy access to all the internal and external functions. Not only it helps in playing the game smoothly it also helps in enhancing the graphics of the game almost by 2 to 3 times to their original resolution. You can always check its demo version before actually downloading it, and there is no chance that you are not going to like and would want to have it in your system to play games. It also helps in synchronizing your games online, the speed DraStic offers is unmatchable. You will have an amazing audio and video experience.

Pretendo NDS Emulator:

Pretendo NDS Emulator
Pretendo NDS Emulator

Pretendo NDs Emulator is another version of Nintendo Emulator that helps you in playing some classic games on your personal Android or PC. It allows loading and playing the game from ROM files, which generally other emulators do not allow. Giving virtual control of the game in your hands, pretend gives you actual feeling of playing the game on your favourite childhood console. On the lower side of the screen, it will also allow your fingers to become stylus of your game. You will have total control over your game.The only issue with this version is that, a large number of adds pop up during the game, that leads to instability in playing the game.



Apart from being emulator it also acts as an engine of the game. It has compatibility with many systems like play station, Nintendo DS and many more. It is one of the best 3D emulator available right now. Its settings are unique and its configuration is only one time process, you need not do it time and again. It has many varied and advanced features like rewinding option, next frame response time and many more. Shaders can easily help to create a replica of old style monitor system to give you the actual feel of your childhood. The possibilities to configure are limitless in this emulator. This app is very user-friendly and generally does not encounter any issues while playing.


Released on 17th May 2014 for PCs, is an open source version of Nintendo 3Ds Emulators. It can easily run heavy and commercial games.But the problem with this emulator is that because of supporting heavy files it crashes very frequently and therefore is less used by gamers.



A Light version of emulator does not need much space in your system, is perfect for small and light games. 0.2.1 is the latest version of this and the last updating the same was made in 2011. This is really handy and easy to use. In countries like the United States and India, this is widely used.

R4 3DS Emulator:

R4 3DS Emulator:
R4 3DS Emulator:

The most powerful form of emulators is mostly used by game testers. All Nintendo games are tested on this emulator. But being testing software does not mean that you can not play the game on the same. It is really easy to use, all you have to do is to detect the location of the game. The emulator uses R43ds flash card to enhance graphics. However it does not provide with many options for configuration, but apart from this, it works similarly to other Nintendo work.

iDeas Emulator:

iDeas Emulator
iDeas Emulator

Last but not the least this is the top rated, Nintendo 3Ds Emulator for PCs. With each version it’s getting better and better, its compatibility rate is getting high and it is compatible with almost all game version available to be played on the system.

The mentioned Nintendo 3ds emulators for Android and PCs are best and have better and clean interface. The availability of most of them at no cost makes them more desirable as without buying a console you get to experience a range of games in your own system.

Apart from these ten Nintendo emulators, there is a wide range of options available for you to download. But if you do not wish to download the same, you can play these games online as well with the help of these emulators. You just need to go to official website of Nintendo and can easily access games on that website. Playing games online will save space on your phones and systems but it may not give you very high quality. Also, you will need to have a good and constant internet connection to access the game freely and without any hassle, while downloading saves you from such hassles and lets you enjoy your games without any glitches and breaks.

How to install these Nintendo 3Ds Emulators on your Android Phone

We have told you about various options that are available online, through which you can play games like you played on your consoles. Along with this, we are providing you the complete guide to install the same. It is really simple and quick to install these Nintendo 3Ds Emulators on your systems and androids.

  • Download the desired 3ds emulator from play store of your android phone.
  • After downloading, install it by accessing the same.
  • Once the file has been installed, run the file in your android
  • Once it has run and installed successfully on your android, you can download the desired games and can play whenever you want.

Install these Nintendo 3Ds Emulators on your PC Windows

  • Download the Nintendo 3Ds Emulator from the official and registered site only.
  • Once you have downloaded the file, it will come in .exe. Form.Open the file in the same format by clicking twice on the link.
  • Now install the emulator, keep clicking next button by accepting all plug-ins and terms and conditions.
  • After installation, the shortcut will be created on your desktop automatically.
  • You may need to download and install Bios as well to run the emulator.
  • Now you can download the games compatible with your emulator and can play without any hassle.
  • We suggest you download these emulators from known and official sources only, downloading the file from unknown and unsecured sources may corrupt your system.

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We are sure that you would love to play these games to bring back your childhood, and that is what Nintendo aimed at while developing these apps. Once you start playing such games you get addicted to them and get glued to your systems and androids. In your busy life, where you have forgotten your childhood and busy in making money only, these Nintendo 3ds emulators will help you to ease out some stress from your life. These will serve as stress busters for you, through which you can forego tensions and worries of your hectic life for some time at least. Apart from taking you out of stress, it will help you to restore your lost energy and trust us you will be able to focus more afterwards.
So what are you waiting for download the most compatible Nintendo 3ds emulator right now and start playing your favorite games.


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