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App Store Guidelines: How to Prevent Apps From Being Rejected

By samanvya Apr 26, 2023

In 2020, Epic Games decided they were above the app store guidelines by having in-app purchases. And in response to their disobedience, Apple removed Fortnite from their store for good.

When you build an app, the app store guidelines are not just friendly suggestions. They are often rigid rules that dictate what you can and cannot do. Ignore these guidelines as you develop an app, and they will slap you with an app store rejection upon release.

It can take a long time to get your app reapproved for the app store. So while on your app development to-do list, let’s discuss how to avoid an unexpected rejection after you publish an app.

Familiarise Yourself with the App Store Guidelines

No one likes to read a long, boring guide on app requirements. But this is a necessary evil that will be well worth the headache. Both Apple and Google can be quite harsh with those who break the rules.

Take the time to read for yourself the Apple and Android store guidelines. These may include things such as the following:

  • Regulations on what sort of user data your app can gather
  • Parental controls and considerations for children and teens
  • Limitations on user-generated content
  • App completeness (i.e. no beta apps or bugs)
  • Pertinent legal requirements

Keep up with Development

App performance is vital, and both app stores will require you to keep it running smoothly. Your app needs to function well on a wide range of devices. In needs to be relatively bug-free and avoid draining system resources and battery.

It’s essential that you pay close attention to reviews and ratings. A large quantity of unanswered negative reviews could impact your app’s compliance.

Keep Up-to-Date with App Store Changes

Apple and Google both regularly update their terms and conditions. These can often be monthly updates, sometimes with vital changes. If you don’t stay ahead of them, you could be blindsided by a change that affects your app specifically.

Usually, you will receive these updates via email. Make sure to tag or star these emails so they don’t get lost in your inbox.

Respond to App Store Correspondence

Sometimes, the app store in question may contact you directly. If there is a problem with your app, they will tell you exactly what it is in how you need to fix it. They will give you a period of time to fix the problem before they suspend or ban your app.

Do not delay in responding to this. Make it your top priority to fix any problem and comply with the correspondence.

Build an App with Builder AI

App store guidelines tell you in no uncertain terms what requirements your app must meet. Before you publish an app, you would do well to educate yourself on app store requirements. App store rejection can deal a heavy blow to your business.

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