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How to create a high-quality mobile application?

By samanvya Dec 1, 2022

Features of creating software. Why should you make a mobile app? When is a mobile app better than a big website?

Features of creating a mobile application: what should you pay attention to?

Software development is a complex and expensive process. Ideally, you should have both a beautiful website and a mobile app. But, if there is no such financial opportunity, you should make a choice. SECL can be a great assistant for you to help you create good software that will help your business grow successfully.

When is it better to choose a mobile application?

There are cases when choosing a mobile application rather than a large and beautiful website is better. It usually applies to areas such as:

  • Social networks;
  • Dating platforms;
  • Payment systems;
  • Sale of goods;
  • Internet services and many others.

Most users (more than 60%) are used to using the services of Internet companies through smartphones. It is because you can access the right products and services at any convenient time and place. According to statistics, those platforms mainly focused on using mobile devices are usually more in demand and thriving.

Benefits of creating a mobile application

Creating a mobile application has many advantages. As already mentioned, you make your product more accessible to users who are used to using it through a smartphone or tablet.

But the benefits don’t end there. When you constantly see the same logo on the screen of a mobile phone, then you are more likely to choose this company when you need services. Thus, it is a good marketing tool. In addition, thanks to the application, you can send users information about promotions and special offers.

The mobile application allows you to retain customers, which means you can profit from them. If you have a downloaded application on your smartphone, you will not turn to competitors, as this requires some effort.

Mobile applications allow you to evaluate the purchasing habits of users and offer them those services and products that may be useful to them.

In addition, developing a mobile application is usually much cheaper than an excellent feature-rich website. It is because the mobile application must run on only one or two operating systems, while the site must open on different operating systems and in various browsers. Developing and testing such software is extremely expensive and time-consuming.

Thus, if your finances are limited, it is better to prefer a mobile application.

How to develop a mobile application?

The development of a mobile application involves the passage of several important stages:

  • Project development;
  • Planning;
  • Writing code;
  • Software testing
  • Launch of the project.

Each of these points is of great importance, so discussing them in more detail makes sense.

Project development

When you have an unusual business idea and decide to create a mobile application, you must think through everything to the smallest detail. First, you must study the market, identify the leading competitors and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Many people neglect this stage, so more and more applications of the same type appear on the market, similar to each other in terms of functions.

Based on the received data, you can think over the features you can offer your customers. It would be best if you also thought about how the mobile application interface should look.

The better you think through all the features of a mobile application, the easier it will be for specialists to create a good product.


After you ask for help from specialists, they should carry out complete project planning. At this stage, it is worth involving UX / UI designers who will help develop the interface, planners, and testers who will think about which tools to build software and test.

Also, at this stage, experts will calculate how long it will take to complete all the work and how much it will cost. If you agree to such terms, then specialists can start developing software.

Code writing

Nobody writes code from scratch today. There are various libraries, constructors, and other tools with ready-made solutions. It remains for specialists to choose among those that suit you more than others, correct, and combine.

Usually, several specialists are involved in creating such software, and each works on creating specific modules. As soon as each of them is ready, they are combined.


Testing allows you to identify various errors in writing code that can negatively affect work on the finished product. Ideally, you should test each module individually and do more in-depth tests after the code is finally built.

Ideally, automated and manual testing should identify as many bugs as possible. But, if you have a small startup, then to save money, you can limit yourself to only manual tests. It will make sure. Your product will perform all the main functions, has a user-friendly interface, and be liked by users. However, if you do want to opt for automation testing, you can try your hands at parallel test execution, to speed up the process and increase test coverage.

After testers find errors and recommend fixing them, you need to make changes and retest. It will ensure that changes in the code do not lead to new mistakes.

Launch of the project

The project launch is another crucial moment that needs to be given a lot of attention. We advise you to schedule the project’s release and develop a good advertising and marketing program. Please create a large community on social networks and place ads on various sites. It will attract the attention of many users from the first day of the project launch.

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