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World Cup 2022 Round Of 16: Schedule, Predictions, Best Picks

By Swati Dec 13, 2022

The Group Stage of the World Cup 2022 continues, as the 32 best nations battle against each other to secure a spot in the knockout phase. The round of 16 is where things are heating up. These games are a fight to the death to make it to the next stage and always provide plenty of betting entertainment for footy fans!

Also, the knockout games feature a huge prospect of those penalty shoot-outs. So, follow this guide to see how every team can reach the round of 16 and how you should be betting on the next round of WC 2022, which will take place from 3 to 6 December.

How does the World Cup Round of 16 Work?

By the end of the Group Stage, we will have seen 16 teams look to win a spot in the knockout bracket. The latter features eight matches between the top two rivals of each of the eight groups of the first round.

For instance, the winner of Group A will have to meet the runner-up of Group B, and so on. Each game is played in a single-elimination format, with extra time and potentially a penalty shoot-out.

How to Bet

It is easy to wager on the round of 16 at the World Football 2022 championship. If you are using to gamble, follow these steps:

  1. Open an account with the betting site.
  2. Activate your welcome bonus.
  3. Make your first deposit.
  4. Navigate to the World Cup 2022 from the “Featured” section.
  5. Find a fixture of your desire.
  6. Click on the odds of the market that look good to you.
  7. Enter your stake amount and click on “Place a bet”.

Don’t forget to check the promotional section of the bookmaker, as it offers an amazing hat-trick of bonuses for each stage of the ongoing tournament.

When to Watch

Here are the schedule, dates, and kick-off times (all ET) of the upcoming games from the round of 16.

Saturday, Dec. 3:

  • 1st Group A vs 2nd Group B (Khalifa International; kick-off: 10 am)
  • 1st Group C vs  2nd Group D (Ahmed bin Ali; kick-off: 2 pm)

Sunday, Dec. 4:

  • 1st Group D vs 2nd Group C (AI Bayt; kick-off 10 am)
  • 1st Group B vs 2nd Group A (Al Thumama; kick-off 2 pm)

Sunday, Dec. 5:

  • 1st Group E vs 2nd Group F (Al Janoub; kick-off 10 am)
  • 1st Group G vs 2nd Group H (Stadium 974; kick-off 2 pm)

Sunday, Dec. 6:

  • 1st Group F vs 2nd Group E (Education City; kick-off: 10 am)
  • 1st Group H vs 2nd Group G (Lusail Iconic; kick-off 2 pm)

Who will be in the World Cup 2022 Knockout Stage?

Here we will take a look at what every participating team needs to do to get out of their groups and advance to the knockout bracket in Qatar.

Group A

Netherlands: The team is guaranteed to secure a place with a victory/draw against Qatar on Tuesday, Nov. 29 (10 am ET). They will also qualify with a defeat if Ecuador wins vs. Senegal.

Ecuador: The team is guaranteed to secure a spot with a victory/draw against Senegal on Tuesday, Nov. 29 (10 am ET). If Ecuador loses, they can only qualify if the Netherlands also loses. And then, both teams will be separated in the fair play points. Current play points are -1 for Netherlands and -3 for Ecuador.

Senegal: The team will definitely qualify if it emerges victorious in the upcoming matchup vs. Ecuador. A draw will also be good for them to advance to the next round if the Netherlands loses. This way, the overall group goal difference and H2H result will be taken into consideration.

Group B

England: The team is guaranteed to top the group with a victory over Wales on Tuesday, Nov. 29 (2 pm ET). A draw will also be enough unless Iran wins against the USA, or the latter wins with a 4-goal difference minimum. England can only be eliminated if they lose to Wales heavily.

Iran: The team is guaranteed to finish as runners-up with a victory against the United States, and as winners if England draws/loses. A draw for Iran will also be enough to qualify if Wales draws or loses.

United States: The team will have to beat Iran to get out of the group stage. They can also top the group if England loses to Wales or draws, plus the Americans will win by at least four goals.

Wales: The team will have to defeat England and hope Iran vs. USA is a draw to finish in the top two, and could win the group if they beat England by at least four goals. Wales will also need to beat England by at least four goals to finish second ahead of the winner of USA vs Iran.

Other Teams who Should Advance

The favorites who definitely need to appear in the knockout stage of the World Cup 2022 include Brazil, Argentina, France, Spain, and Germany. After the top five, there are also other strong contenders who are likely to secure a spot in the round of 16 include Portugal, Denmark, Belgium, Uruguay, and Croatia.

By Swati

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