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Most FIFA World Cup Goal Scorers

By Swati Oct 21, 2022

Let’s begin this discussion by stating an obvious fact. No player in the history of world cup finals has scored more than Miroslav Klose. This person holds distinction for scoring more than 16 times in less than 24 appearances with 4 varying tournaments. And the other notable players to score in the world cup tournaments are Cristiano Ronaldo, Uwe Seeler and Pele. 

Since the FIFA world cup always manages to have lots of buzz about it, fans go gaga over it no matter what. This is why the internet is flooded with more information than you think. In this feature, we will highlight the top goal scorers. 

As far as Klose is concerned, he made his world cup debut in the 2002 Japan tournament and South Korea. And luckily, he started with a good score and surprised the world. He had the chance to win with a 8-0 over Saudi Arabia. And if you don’t know, he is one of the 13 players to have had the opportunity to score a hat-trick in the world cup debut. And no player has been able to do this since June 2002. Thus, it is fair enough to say, he has made quite a tough spot for himself. 

Secondly, Klose went on to participate in all 3 Germany’s group stage games in the 2002 world cup. But unfortunately failed to score the right knockout games. And since they finished losing to Brazil, Ronaldo’s team ended up with victory. 

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Who hasn’t heard of Cristiano Ronaldo? Everyone knows that Cristinao Rnaldi is one of the most amazing players in the field of soccer. He has made quite a name for himself through hard work, patience and perseverance. While he no longer holds the title for the top scorer at the world cup, yet he managed to tally a goal of 15 in just 19 appearances. He debuted in the world cup tournament back in 1998 with just 4 goals. 

Even if you are playing with Online aussie pokies on casino, you will still find players who will argue that Ronaldo made more scores. During his match in the world cup, his side lost 3-0. Luckily, his appearance at the 2002 session was less of a controversy. He managed to pull off a super star image with Golden Boot. He managed to get 8 goals in 7 games. And the final victory was in Yokohama, wherein he won the match award. 

Gerd Muller

He made quite a strong reputation for himself in a very short time after entering the world of FIFA. For your information, he scored 14 goals in just 2 world cup tournaments. With just 10 goals, he managed to win the golden boots in the 1970 world cup. In fact, he holds the distinction for being the only player who has won any of the last 15 men’s world cup tournaments. 

He also scored in each of the 5 world cup appearances. This is inclusive of the back to back hit of the hat trick games. There’s only one other player who has managed to score a hat trick. Muller was lucky enough to score in every game in the 1970 world cup. And he also indulged in the semi finals , only to defeat Italy but failed to do so. 

Just Fontaine

He holds the distinction for the most goals in a single world cup. He managed to score 13 goals in just 6 matches. This was the only world cup when the world cup tournament was highly publicized . luckily, he made it certain to make a count for himself. 

Plus, he also has a record of scoring in each of the 6 appearances in the 1958 tournaments.herein, he scored more than 13 goals, which was higher than last year’s score. Not  to forget, the French striker is one of the 3 players to register at least 3 goals in just 2 separate matches. Despite his phenomenal record, he could still help his nation get a third place after losing in the semi finals to Brazil. Stil is contribution Is applauded by the people of his country. 


He is ranked as number 5th on the most goals scored in the World cup finals. He managed to get 12 through the 4 tournaments. Whilst he never managed to win the golden boot award, he did bag the award for the best player in the 1970 world cup. Apart from being the youngest player to score in the world cup final, he also played against Sweden  when he was just 17 years old. This means, he rightfully holds the distinction for being the youngest player to have ever won in the world cup final. 

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By Swati

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