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Making the Switch to Mobile VoIP – What You Need to Know

By samanvya Jul 3, 2023

Before upgrading to VoIP, list the features you want in your phone system. Many providers offer enterprise-level functionality, such as auto attendant, IVR, and Internet faxing.

Check that your internet connection has the speed necessary to handle VoIP traffic and the compatibility of your network’s switches and routers. Also, remember that VoIP phones work best when wired directly to a network switch.

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Several costs go into making the switch to mobile VoIP. Chief among these is the cost of phone numbers and extensions and a one-time charge to port your existing extension numbers to your new provider. Another significant startup expense is a fast and reliable internet connection, especially for office and work-from-home employees. Most providers recommend gigabit speeds to ensure high-quality, low-jitter voice calls and minimal lag time.

Depending on your current setup, you may also need to invest in network hardware upgrades. A reliable provider will have a team that can help you optimize your infrastructure and online portals where you can make changes and updates. Finally, you might need to reimburse your team for their old phones and headsets, as they’ll be getting a new, better device with your new business VoIP system.


As working from home continues to rise, mobile voice over IP is becoming more popular than ever. It allows people to work anywhere they can access the internet to stay connected with their customers and coworkers. A mobile VoIP phone converts analog audio signals into digital packets transmitted over the internet and unpacked at the receiver’s end. This means you can use your mobile VoIP phone just like a traditional cell phone, and the call recipient won’t know anything. The best VoIP providers offer a variety of features that help businesses stay productive and efficient on the go. These include unified communications, auto attendants, call queues and more. These features help reduce customer waiting times and allow businesses to allocate responsibilities and track team performance. Another feature that is important to look for is unlimited calls. This can save you money and eliminate the need to hunt for cheap rates.


When it comes to mobile VoIP, reliability is key. This is especially true for businesses that depend on phone calls to communicate with customers and clients. Because mobile VoIP works over the internet, it is subject to bandwidth and connection quality fluctuations. Make sure that you select a provider with reliable service levels and a customer support team that can help resolve any issues that may arise. Mobile VoIP is also extremely flexible, allowing employees to work from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection and a compatible device. In addition, you can easily add or remove lines as your business grows or shrinks without incurring any expensive costs or hefty contracts. Before deciding, check the provider’s website to see whether they offer a free trial or an intro offer. You should also look for a month-to-month contract that allows you to leave if unsatisfied with the service. Additionally, be sure that the provider offers a robust roster of features and mobile apps, including group messaging, virtual receptionists, call transfer, and voicemail-to-email transcriptions.


For small businesses, freelancers and startups, VoIP mobile offers the flexibility of a separate business number that works on an employee’s current cellular phone. This helps in separating work life and personal calls while increasing productivity. With most providers offering a free app, employees can make VoIP calls over Wi-Fi or on their cellular data connection, eliminating the need for expensive PBX hardware. Moreover, some providers also offer the option of using the phone’s native audio interface or a headset, thus ensuring higher call quality. The best VoIP providers also offer 24/7 in-house support alongside consistent system updates. This eliminates the need for expensive onsite maintenance and reduces overall IT costs. Besides, it provides the convenience of using one powerful app for all business needs, such as business messaging, calls, video meetings and contact management. Moreover, a VoIP solution like Dialpad makes it easier for businesses to scale up during peak seasons by providing temporary support to their teams through a virtual assistant.

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