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Top 6 myths about VPN download debunked with the correct service!

By varsha Mar 15, 2023

You must have heard about the latest class-action privacy lawsuit that Google has been slapped with. This is not the first one, and there’s no chance that it will be the last. It is no secret that the billion-dollar goliath has been making profits out of the data shared on the net. It is due to this reason that the rate of VPN downloads has increased exponentially, with many solely trusting this option for using internet services. 

Do you wish to sail on this boat as well? That is a great idea indeed, but perhaps something is not right. You have heard a couple of rumours about downloading and using a VPN service and are not comfortable relying on one. This digital story will outline a couple of myths associated with a VPN download and try to shed light on the facts. Let’s begin – 

What are the myths about downloading a VPN service? 

How many times have you planned to download a VPN service and backed out, considering the myths you have heard throughout? It is time to debunk some of them right now – 

  • VPNs invariably protect your privacy 

This is the foremost truth you believe in when choosing a VPN service. However, that is a little far-fetched of an expectation. There is no tool that can completely guarantee your anonymity. 

Why choose VPN then? 

To spoof your IP address and temporarily provide you with a cover to access multiple websites. 

  • VPNs do not collect data 

This must have been another myth that has got to your head. In fact, one of the most prominent myths about VPN is when you operate with zero logs, it keeps no data backup, and therefore you do not leave any digital footprint behind. 

Why choose VPN then? 

If this is a myth, then why would you choose a VPN? Well, the truth is – the services consist of servers where consistent data exchange occurs. Also, VPNs do store parts of data since they are required for analytics and enhancing the cyberinfrastructure. 

  • VPNs are used for malicious activities

It is a common idea that VPNs are used for shady activities. Anonymous users partake in illegal activities and cover their tracks using VPN. For starters – this is not entirely true. 

Why choose VPN then? 

When it comes to choosing VPN for illegal activities, it is the wrong thing to do. Also, know for a fact that despite using VPNs for unethical practices, cybercriminals get caught. Therefore – steer clear of the same. 

  • VPN can change your internet speed 

This is one of the most common misconceptions that you may have about using a VPN service. There have been multiple articles and standard ‘testimonials’ that have cemented this view. However, this is not true. 

Why choose VPN then? 

If your VPN connection cannot increase your internet speed but rather decreases it, why would you choose it? Apart from the range of benefits that it provides, you must note that – in specific cases, VPN does enhance the speed. If the ISP you are using is restricting your bandwidth, then, with a VPN, you will be able to bypass the limitation and enhance the speed levels. 

  • VPN protects you against online risks 

This is another myth that has been traded over centuries. You should install a VPN simply because you wish to protect your computer from malware attacks or cyber security breaches. Whatever the source of your VPN (maybe a free, untrustworthy version), it will protect you from a range of online risks. 

Why choose VPN then? 

If your VPN cannot protect you, why choose one? Well, the VPN might not technically secure you from a cyber-attack, but it will protect you from data theft in case of a public Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, if someone categorically targets your IP address, the VPN will not reveal the details and protect your identity. 

  • VPNs can get you past regional restrictions 

This is perhaps one of the most popular myths associated with using a VPN service. Regarding streaming services such as Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, or any of them, you must know that their region-specific restrictions are strong, and it is next to difficult to cross them. Hence, if you are planning to download a VPN for the same, experts from our end would suggest otherwise.

Why choose VPN then? 

If not for this, then for what? Well, for the security cover that it provides. Despite multiple warnings, you already know that most of these streaming sites have been accused of breaking privacy protocols. With a VPN service, you can be assured that yours is protected. 

Factors to remember before choosing a service 

Are your doubts about downloading a VPN and services provided by the same clear? Once the myths are debunked, it is crucial that you figure out the details of the service provider from whom you intend to get the VPN service. 

Though there are a couple of free VPN services available online, a paid tool categorically provides the services that a VPN is tailored to provide.

  • Make sure that the VPN you choose runs on multiple platforms, from Chrome to Firefox. 
  • Ensure that the service that you choose has a no-logs policy as well as works for multiple devices. 
  • Checking security is crucial. One of the primary reasons you are using a VPN is – to hide your IP address. Is the VPN that you downloaded providing you with the security cover that it promised initially? Cross-check this with the service provider. 
  • Lastly, is the service provider available to assist you in case of any emergency? What if you have some urgent query? Or if there is some data breach? Who will you approach? Will they assist you accordingly? Ensure that the service provider is there at your service – 24x7x365. 

Taking everything into consideration, you have to carefully choose the service provider who will guarantee you the promised benefits of a VPN download. Surfshark is a good alternative for the ones surveying multiple service providers. They have been in the market for quite some time now and understand the demands of the same, thereby tailoring their services accordingly. 


By varsha

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