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Top 5 Smart Tricks of PUBG Mobile to Win’ Chicken Dinner’ every time.

tricks of PUBG Mobile

You don’t have to be a gamer to have heard of the wildly popular PUBG – a multiplayer shooter game that’s a competitive feast.  If you have played PUBG before, you will know that no-kill comes easy. Moreover, it’s not called a good game unless you have won the prestigious ‘chicken dinner’. So to make you a chicken dinner winner quickly, here we have some priceless tips and tricks of PUBG Mobile. Don’t also forget to look at Aimclub and quickly learn about some other cheats in their store.

Balance your approach

Like every battle royale, the motive of PUBG is to kill your opponents and win the game. To do this, most of the players train and upgrade their aiming skills. But, what we forget is that defense also has equal importance in the game of PUBG. As you level up and play against quality players, lack of defensive gameplay can lead you to trouble.

Balancing your approach between attack and defense is critical in PUBG. Playing too aggressively can dismantle your team, while playing too defensively can make you an easy target.

The importance of a balanced approach shines through PUBG. There are games where you will have too strong of an opponent to attack, and at other times, playing aggressively might be your only option. So, analyze the game and decide your playing style accordingly.

Avoiding looting drops at higher levels

In PUBG, you can often see a big dropbox falling slowly from the sky to the ground. Every player’s first instinct is to collect the loot in the dropbox, but that is not the wisest move. Earlier, drop used to give an incredible amount of loot and high-quality weapons. But, now, you will get only standard guns most frequently.  

Most of the players, especially at the beginner level, opt to collect the items from a drop. This can be your one prized chance to get some skill. Target the players while they are looting the drop. In the excitement of collecting items, players can fall into your trap. This trap of killing around drop is prevalent at higher levels. 

Not looting drop at higher levels is a much better decision to avoid any unnecessary problems. So attack instead of looting, and you’ll be a far better player. 

Play the waiting game

As you start causing trouble to your opponents in PUBG, you may not find any of them at certain moments. At this time, you should keep your cool and wait for your chance. Many players instinctually go on a spree to kill, and they become impatient when they do not see any opponent. 

Keeping calm and hiding well is crucial in these situations. As your opponent marks different positions in the play area to attack, looking for opponents is not the best option. While you are waiting for an opponent, heal yourself and discuss your team strategy.

Waiting game time is also the best time to interchange your weapons and scopes and get the best combination going. PUBG has space to hide, and hence, the waiting game is of great importance in PUBG.

Be around with the team

PUBG is a team game, and it has some basic ethics you must follow. Whenever you are playing a team game, you should remain around your team for the best results. 

When a player tries to tackle the opponents alone, he can be attacked by a group of people defending. As a player, even if you get knocked out, your teammates can always revive you. The closer you are to the team, the quicker you can get your revival.

Being around a team strengthens your position and helps you attack with different strategies too. So no matter the game, stick around your team.

Vehicles are fast

Playing in the safe zone is a necessity in PUBG. As time progresses, this safe zone gets smaller and shifts to a particular area. You may need to move to reach the safe zone. During this or any other movements, cars are the best options.

With cars, you can reach your location quickly, and the chance of getting attacked is also less. Hence, use vehicles to go from one place to another. 

Following these cool tips can help you get better at PUBG quickly. Follow these tips regularly to ensure fantastic gameplay and win chicken dinner in every game. Comment down with more of your tips and suggestions to ace PUBG.

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