Run 2 Whatsapp in one Phone – Dual Whatsapp 2017 (100% Working)


Hello guys, Tricks Clues is back again with an 100% working trick by which you can Run 2 Whatsapp in one Phone as we all know,whatsapp is commonly used social messaging app which is used almost by everyone.But we can install and use only one whatsapp in one android phone.If you want to use multiple whatsapp accounts in your android phone then I have an amazing trick for you that how to use two whatsapp accounts in one android phone.This trick is fully working and tested by many users.This trick is working in both rooted and non rooted android devices.If you have not rooted your android phone then dont worry you can use this trick also.In these days,there is a  trend of using whatsapp on both the sim cards on dual sim mobiles.We frequently check and update this trick of using two whatsapps in one android phone for regular working for our users.Currently,there are two apps by which you can use two whatsapp on one android phone.First working method is Parallel Space app and other is GBwhatsapp app.We will guide you step by step that how to install and use these apps on your android phone and how to use them for using two whatsapp accounts.

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How to Run 2 Whatsapp in one Phone :

Run 2 whatsapp accounts in one android phone
Run 2 whatsapp accounts in one android phone

Some questions or queries will arise in your mind after reading this.

  • Is it possible to use multiple whatsapps in one android?
  • How is it possible to use two whatsapps on both sim cards in a dual sim phone?
  • Is it possible to use more than two whatsapps in single device?
  • Is this trick will be safe for my device or not?

In this trick we will prefer Parallel Space app to use two whatsapp accounts in single phone.So,you will think that how is this app and how it will work for you.

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What is Parallel space app?
This is a famous app installed by more than one million users.This app is used for cloning multiple apps in one android phone.With the help of this app,not only whatsapp but you can clone any andoid app in your phone.So this app is most suitable for this trick.

Requirements to use two whatsapps in one andoid phone:
To use two whatsapps in one andoid phone , you should follow the requirements which are given below:

  • You must have any internet connection like WiFi,2g,3g,4g etc.
  • You must have an android device (rooted or unrooted).
  • You must have enough knowledge to use this trick.

Tricks to Run 2 Whatsapp account in one Android Phone :

Method 1: Use dual whatsapp account in one android phone with Parallel Space app for Whatsapp

The first method of using two whatsapps in one android is by using parallel space app.In this method,I will step by step guide you that how this app can be utilize for using two whatsapp accounts.this is 100% working trick for using two whatsapps in one andoid phone .Follow the simple steps which are given below:
1. Go to Playstore and Install Parallel Space app – Link

Parallel Space Multi Accounts
2. Firstly,you must have an existing whatsapp in your android device (which is your first original whasapp account) then you can clone it into another one by using parallel space app.
3. After installing, open the app.
4. After opening,a window will be opened having a list of apps as shown in the screenshot.

Parallel Space Multi Accounts
5. Then tick on whatsapp and click on option “add to parallel space”

Parallel Space Multi Accounts
6. Then the second cloned whatsapp will be appeared in the parallel space app as shown in the screenshot.

Parallel Space Multi Accounts
7. On this window,tap on whatsapp, after tapping wait for second and you have created your second whatsapp successfully.

Parallel Space Multi Accounts
8. After that,signup for the second whatsapp account on the number which you want to use as your second whatsapp.
9. The first whatsapp account will remain in your device as it was,but the second whatsapp can be opened only in parallel space.
Now, you can enjoy whatsapp on both of your phone numbers.

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Use multiple Whatsapp account in one android phone with GBWhatsapp

If we come through our second method,it is exactly opposite from the above method. in the second method to use 2 Whatsapp in one Phone is GBwhatsapp.I will step by step guide you that how can you use this app to run two whatsapps in one android phone.

Method 2: How to use two whatsapp accounts with GBWhatsapp

1. Download the GBWhatsapp Latest Version.

2. After downloading,install the app on your device.
3. Open the app and register you second mobile number which you want to use as your secondary whatsapp account.
4. After entering mobile number,you must verify your mobile number.

Dual Whatsapp Screenshot
5. For the process of verification, you will get two options (Call or SMS). choose whatever you want to use.

Dual Whatsapp Screenshot
After the verification of your mobile number,you have access to two whatsapp accounts in your single android phone.

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So that was all about this trick for Run 2 Whatsapp in one Phone.This trick is fully tested and working used by many of users and also by me.I have shared this tricks with you because it worked perfectly for me.Iam sure that this trick will surely helped you to use dual whatsapp accounts in one device.If you liked this post ,then you can share this post with your friends via share button given in the end of the post.If you have any queries then,comment below without any hesitation.Thankyou for visiting.If you want more useful and working tips and tricks like this then stay tuned for new updates. Dual Whatsapp accounts.

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