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How to determine that a 15-inch monitor is your perfect match?

By Swati Dec 19, 2022

Have you known that a good monitor can be absolutely affordable? So, if you look for an optimal model for home use, office work, or entertainment, keep on reading.

We decided to make a guide to tell you which monitor to choose for your computer. Be attentive, as such devices for professional gamers or designers have their narrow specificity. Yet, today, we would like to focus primarily on the average user. What is more, the size of the screen diagonal doesn’t depend on the bigger the better. For example, a 15 inch monitor is a quite popular option for modern users.

Computer monitor diagonal and its peculiarities

Modern monitors usually have a diagonal of 17-35 inches. Any of them you can find in Beetronics Inc. The bigger a monitor is, the more comfortable it is working with it. For example, it allows more windows to fit on its large display. Plus, the text is significantly larger. Yet, this can also be harmful for your health. First of all, you will constantly run your eyes over the entire surface and get tired of it. Although large monitors may be worthy in the office, especially when you work with multiple windows.

The benefits of using 15-inch monitors are:

  • First, a small space is best suited for concentrated work, as the display is fully visible.
  • Secondly, compact 15-inch monitors are not very expensive.

However, there are some exceptions for individual groups of employees. For instance, designers need robust monitors with large diagonals, high resolution, and accurate colors.

Monitor screen resolution and pixel density

The resolution of a PC screen directly affects the quality and clarity of images and textual content. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy displays with low resolution, even if the monitor will be used for simple tasks. When working with such a device for a long time, the eyes are more likely to get tired sooner of a poor-quality picture. For high-quality rendering with high detail, you will need monitors with Full HD resolution.

As well, better choose a monitor according to its usage purpose:

  • For the office. 

The minimum threshold for office is 1280×1024. Although this resolution is now outdated, it is often chosen for text and spreadsheet work such as bookkeeping. The absence of small details strains your eyesight less, which means less fatigue.

  • For fun.

The most common is the 1920×1080 resolution. It is suitable for comfortable movie viewing, games or even working with graphics in Full HD and a viewing angle of up to 178°, which provides an IPS matrix. This is the best value for money.

  • To work with graphics. 

For professional graphic designers or photographers, basic Full HD may not be enough. Better pay attention to a higher resolution, like 2560×1440. Still, it is also worth considering that if you plan to play games, then you have to set exactly this resolution as native in the video card (with a lower image, the image will seem too fuzzy). This can cause an extra load on the video card. As a result, the quality of game performance will be far from perfect.

Aspect ratio

The 5:4 and 4:3 monitors are considered obsolete and are almost out of stock today. 

Displays with a ratio of 16:9 are the most versatile option, suitable for both work and study, and entertainment (games, movies). Fans of 16:10 models should hurry, as every year they become less popular.

The second popular ratio was 21:9 (Ultra Wide). Such monitors are used by specialists in video editing and programming, as well as fans of modern games and films.

The 32:9 and 32:10 models are much less common and often curved. They allow you to work comfortably with multiple programs simultaneously, as well as play computer simulators with maximum presence effect. 

More than this, old movies and games do not support ultra-wide formats and will run on such monitors with black sidebars.

Additional monitor characteristics

The curved display enhances the immersive gaming experience. The picture seems more realistic if you choose a monitor by Beetronics Inc. There is no distortion around the edges. But for this, you need to sit exactly in the center of the screen. Therefore, such monitors are usually not suitable for the comfortable viewing of movies.

Glossy screens are very glamorous, but they better transmit colors. The matte coating eliminates glare, but its main problem is the low saturation of the picture. The choice depends on the location of the monitor table in the room relative to the light source.

Most of the current displays have vision protection systems. The Flicker-Free feature indicates no harmful eye glimmer. Low Blue Light indicates reduced blue light to reduce visual activity.

Sensor monitors are useful for training, conducting presentations and as an additional screen in professional work. Most often, they support maximum Full HD resolution to balance quality, convenience and cost.

Some monitors include a headphone output that is suitable for everyday use if you do not have an external sound card or cannot connect the wired model to the system block. The USB hub also allows you to connect keyboards, mice, and other peripherals via a display to the computer.

The stand of the monitor can be adjustable in height and inclination and can be rotated 90°. Programmers, analysts, engineers, and traders will need to install the portrait mode. In budget models, you can usually only change the display tilt.

Almost all monitors have a VESA mount. This lets you hang the device on the wall or install it on the bracket. The most common standards are the VESA 100 mm and 75 75 mm.

Making a conclusion

How many users – so many PC monitors. The modern market provides a huge number of them. If you need a not-very-expensive option, you can consider a 15-inch monitor by Beetronics Inc. They can share with you a huge variety of them in catchy designs. For relatively little money, you will get a computer monitor on a high-quality IPS matrix with large viewing angles, wide color transmission, and good brightness. Plus, there is also professional support to help you buy the best-match monitor.

By Swati

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