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3 Ways Ed Tech is Advancing Online Learning Opportunities

By Sambit Mar 21, 2021
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Over 300,000 iPads were distributed to New York City students alone during the coronavirus pandemic. That number doesn’t account for any other city in the United States. It’s undeniable how quickly the face of ed tech has changed because of the current pandemic. Education technology continues to improve daily. Students are gaining more and more access to digital learning.

The face of education is changing as we know it. Keep reading to see how ed tech continues to advance online learning opportunities.

Teaching Asynchronously Through Ed Tech

As computer literacy continues to increase, our students’ learning also increases. Although it’s best to teach children in person, ed tech platforms are changing how teachers can teach virtually.

Through interactive platforms, video, and Google classroom, students can learn without being in front of a teacher. Learning is not dependent on whether a teacher is in the classroom. These changes aren’t going to disappear after the pandemic.

It is now possible for learning to happen on snow days, hurricane days, or any other day where students are missing from the classroom.

Additionally, if a student is ever absent, the student will now have their digital classroom online. It’ll be as if they didn’t miss anything. As long as there are enough Chromebooks for schools, students can continue to learn at home.

Increased Engagement Through a Digital Classroom

It’s not always easy to keep students engaged in a lesson, whether in person or online. Distractions are everywhere when learning from home. Ed tech has changed how teachers can keep students invested in learning with the many tools at their disposal.

One ed tech platform, Nearpod, allows students to engage with PowerPoints that teachers have created. Students can share their thoughts on collaboration boards and take part in polls. On top of that, teachers can create mini-quizzes to see what students are understanding throughout the lesson.

ActivelyLearn, an online reading platform, comes with articles that have prescripted questions. It also allows teachers to see their students’ progress while reading an article in real-time. Because of this, teachers can keep tabs on their students’ progress and respond to data in the moment.

Encouraging Student Equity

Ed tech platforms are changing the way students are treated within a classroom.

Instead of giving every student the same packet, ed tech platforms allow for modifications to student work. Some students can receive work with modifications, like sentence starters. There are also extra help options that can be assigned to students.

Whether students need more support or need more challenging questions, the ed tech platforms make creating those materials easier than ever.

The Future of Online Learning

There’s no doubt that ed tech will continue to change how our students learn. We’ve seen what it has done in the past year during the pandemic and know it will continue to change.

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By Sambit

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