Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online 2018


Anime Streaming Sites: It is very obvious that many of the people out there are fond of watching anime. Also, there must be few of the others who are not even aware of what Anime is all about. For them, this is basically a Japanese cartoon culture that took place in 1917 and later re-originated altogether as a new style of art in 1960’s. The various Japanese animation styles that are being used are known as anime that is being very much recognized as well as appreciated throughout the western cartoon culture. Anime is becoming so much popular that these are getting lots of love from the audience across the world as they cater to almost all the age groups. In this article we will be talking about the most famous and popular best anime streaming sites that are being used by people across the world.

Best Anime Streaming Sites

Anime Streaming Sites
Anime Streaming Sites

Best Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online 2018 :

Best Anime Streaming Sites

KissAnime ( used to be among the most popularly opted websites for watching as well as streaming many of the Anime. However, about few four months ago, something terrific has happened with kissAnime, wherein one among the best anime sites goes down as a result of some critical media server issues. Though it has been recovered a bit after a downfall for more than seven days, however, it has not yet taken the complete recovery yet. Therefore, since then the need for some of the more amazing anime sites starts to take place, so that we can rely on to stream anime episodes.
If we keep this fall down aside, KissAnime is considered to be among one of the best anime websites that is being used for streaming as well as downloading various animes. There are many of the unique features that this websites provides including a community, active chat rooms, manga collections, etc. You can search your favorite anime either through genre or randomly. It consist of a huge number of animes including sub or dub versions as well. The primary reason behind its being among the best amine website is its fastest load speeds and configurable video quality.

Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online

9animes is considered to the best anime websites specifically for watching and streaming the HD anime. The black and purple ascent makes it to have a beautiful outlook. This website is among those consisting of the huge database of anime which can be easily sorted via genre, date of release, language type or anything else as per your own convenience. It also allow you to watch English dubbed animes that is considered to be an add-on advantage for those who are subbed anime fan. On top of everything, the primary reason for this website to be among the best anime websites is that it is free of any cost, it’s absolutely free and hence you are not required to get registered or make any monthly or yearly subscription payments.

AnimeSeason Anime Streaming Sites

This is one of the simplest Anime Streaming Site offering tremendous collection of animes. It is being designed along with the cleanest of the interface that offers simple navigation through full series listing, highest rated series, genres, etc. Therefore, we can say that this website facilitates you to watch the preferred anime as per your taste or you can also opt to watch the various trending animes that will to keep up updated to contribute in the anime gossips. Also, most of the animes that are available in this website are subbed with HD video quality. The other add-on feature that makes this one the most preferred is, this site has the least advertisement.

Watch Anime Online
Watch Anime Online is among the best Anime Streaming Sites specifically when it appears to be regarding streaming of dubbed animes. All the dub fans are in love with the amazing features that this websites offers. This is considered to be the cleanest of the various websites that also offers an easy access to navigation. As far as database is concerned, it is enriched with more than 2500 dubbed animes that too in the HD video quality. All the new animes are located in the recommended tab or you can even search them via searching genre. In general, we can say that almost all of the anime websites offers only subbed anime, hence, it is appropriate that there is still something left for the dub lovers too!

Best Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime

Various websites over the entire internet are generally enriched with the large number of advertisements along with a decent interface. Similar is the case with chia-anime. It is also enriched with a huge library of animes inclusive of all the mainstreams anime series. This website also has a lot of sub and dub version of anime that are easily accessible via the anime thumbnail. It also offers you to watch every anime title in the HD resolution.

Watch anime online free english dubbed

Most of the anime sites do offer content at free of cost as a replacement to your private information. However, AnimeFreak appears to be a bit different, since it offers all the dubbed as well as subbed animes at absolutely free of cost (Watch anime online free english dubbed). There are numerous of anime titles available that you can easily sort via genre, popularity, latest anime trends etc. Similar to that of Kissanime, this website also facilitates all the users to read the manga.


CrunchyRoll in current scenario appears to be the ruler of legally streaming anime site. You are not required to create an account in order to watch any of the video. Even you will not be bothered about creating a free account in order to keep track of your seen history as well as to add any of your favorite new shows to your queue. Though, there are free subscriptions available, but CrunchyRoll do also offers plans for paid membership.
They do have a huge database consisting of the wonderful selection of shows ranging from One Piece to Sword Art Online. However, there are still few of the big names like Fullmetal Alchemist. Regardless those are missing. CrunchyRoll is also enriched with manga, something that almost every animes are based on. They do offers a huge amount of Asian dramas along with Asian pop music videos. Apart from these, the main reason for this website to be among the best anime websites is that it does offer a lot of news section, forums, and a store. Therefore, we can say that the entire website can be considered as a wonderful community for everyone who appears to be interested in any form of Asian media.
They also have their own iOS app along with an Android app that are easily available at free of cost. And these apps are sufficient enough to get the job done.
Apart from just iOS and Android, CrunchyRoll does also cover any other devices as well. If any of the users get their plan upgraded to $6.95 per month anime membership plan, they will be facilitated to get rid of the video ads along with the streaming on all available devices including game consoles, Roku, and Apple TV. Being among the best anime websites, it does offer fast email support, discounts at the store, access to full HD streams. Also, also facilitates its users to watch various shows on the same day as and when they’re being aired in Japan.


The amazing thing about Netflix is that it appears to be one of the popular as well as best anime website that do not offer any of the free version at all. Still, the net worth of this amazing website is around $7.99 per month for instant streaming. The first and foremost reason behind Netflix being the preferred one is that it facilitates you to easily switch seamlessly between watching with Japanese audio and English subtitles to watching the dubbed version with English audio. Thus, watching a Dubbed version or subbed version is absolutely your choice.
It do offers a solid Web version along with Windows 8 app along with many of the apps for iOS, Android including many of the game consoles and smart TVs. Many of the users have even shared their experience and belief that all the Android and Windows 8 apps are very much smooth and quick. Apart from this, Netflix also dost an excellent job by separating various shows as per their relevant categories and then recommending similar ones to you.


This amazing Anime Streaming Site is considered to the best option specifically for watching TV online. Apart from this, Hulu is enriched with the huge database inclusive of the wide range of anime content. Just like to that of CrunchyRoll, you can easily create a free account that is very much helpful in keeping a track of what you have already seen. You can also opt to watch the videos directly without creating an account at all.
You just have click on ‘More’ and then anime to look for the anime from the main page. This website does a tremendous job by separating all the dubbed shows from that of subbed shows and hence is enriched with much larger subbed selection.
There is also a paid version, Hulu Plus. Though like any other paid version, this does not remove ads, however, provides an access to more content. You can easily stream in HD; you can also use this paid version over your mobile devices, game console, or smart TV.
Though, this one of the best anime website is officially available only in the US, however, there are some easy ways to access region-blocked media.


These are few of the best anime streaming sites that are easily available to enhance your viewing experience. However, in case, we have missed a few titles worth mentioning in this post, then let us know in the comment section below.


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