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Who doesn’t love to defeat their friends in a scrabble or any other word game? Well, I certainly do. And, I hope you do as well. While Scrabble is not the only word game. One of the best and most-hyped word games of the present time is Words With Friends. You can play it with your friends and family.

Moreover, you can participate in up to at least 30 games with your friends from all around the globe. So, if you want to defeat your friends in the next game, and need some tips and tricks, then you have come to just the right place. Hence, in this article, we will provide you with the entire Words with Friends guide along with the Words with Friends cheat.

Even aced players get stuck sometimes while playing Words with Friends or Words with Friends 2. It is entirely normal. So, you either need cheats and tips, or you can also use a word finder. Or, you can go for both. You can get help with XYZ words, vowels, or any other tricky word. You can use a word finder to find missing alphabets in the tiles. Also, there are advanced filters. Moreover, word finders have great Words with Friends cheat board. The Words with Friends board cheat help you in cracking even the most challenging word.

Moreover, you can not only use these word finders while playing Words with Friends. You can use them to increase your vocabulary as well. Hence, leading to your winning streak ultimately. You can use word finders to get past your mental block and find words suiting Words with Friends dictionary. But that’s not it. You can always use tips and tricks as well. Therefore, scroll down and discover fantastic tips and strategies.


How to play Words with Friends?

You can easily find this amazing game, Words with Friends, on the app store. You will get it completely free on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. Hence, it does not matter whether you own an iPhone or an Android; you can enjoy playing Words with Friends on any device. Moreover, not just Androids or iPhones; you can play it on iPads, and iPod Touch. Also, you can play it on Nook Tablets and Kindle Fire. Hence, to ace the game on whichever device you’re playing, you can surely use Words with Friends cheats to defeat your friends.

This is a multiplayer game. You get randomly matched with different opponents around the world as well. Or, you can download it and play with just your friends. You can easily play Words with Friends and Words with Friends 2 online. Moreover, you can easily use the Words with Friends cheat board and Words with Friends 2 cheat board for winning the game. As already mentioned, this game’s sole aim is to make words and accumulate points to beat your friends.

What are the rules and regulations of Words with Friends?

Now, the crucial aim of the game is creating words on the board for winning the game. So, you can make words by merely using the tiles appearing on your screen. The tiles contain syllables, vowels, letters, and consonants. So, just like Scrabble, you have to unjumble the tiles and create a meaningful word.

  • Rules

The three golden rules of this game are:

  • You can make words by using the tiles both vertically and horizontally.
  • Now, the first word that you create automatically gets added to the plus tile.
  • Lastly, you have to connect brand new words with previously played words.

Steps to follow

The four steps you have to follow are:

  • If you do not like individual tile or tiles, then you can easily change them. You have to use a turn to change the tiles.
  • Tap on “Play” for notifying your opponent once you are ready with your word.
  • Push notifications will alert you about your turns.
  • Lastly, you can have fun chatting with friends while playing the game simultaneously.

Hence, these were the primary and golden rules and steps to follow while you play Words with Friends.

How to score points and win?

So, you win Words with Friends by scoring points higher than your opponent or opponents. Now, note that each tile comes with its value. It is mentioned above the alphabet or letter. Moreover, make sure you do not use “Pass” over three times as it will end the game then. So, you can score more points by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • You can play all seven tiles in a move. This gives you 35 points.
  • For more points, you can make words on the coloured squares.

Bonuses List

  • Double Letter: This gives you double the value of the tile.
  • Triple Letter: Here, the tile’s value is tripled.
  • Double Word: Here, the word’s value is doubled.
  • Triple Word: Lastly, the word’s value is tripled.

So, for defeating your opponent, you can combine all these bonuses and score higher points. The more strategically you play, the more the chances of your win. Moreover, you can always use unscramble words cheat Words with Friends for beating your opponent. Word games make your vocabulary strong and allow your brain cells to work correctly. So, use the bonus list for the winning streak.

Can you play Words with Friends offline?

Well, yes. You can play WWF offline. There are specific ways by which you play your favourite game offline. The prominent and best feature of WWF is the Solo Play option. So, when you play on this option, you do not need any internet connectivity.

Moreover, in this option, your opponent is the AI-powered bot. Therefore, you must pull up your socks while playing with the bot. So, whether you are on a lift or travelling by train, you can enjoy this game offline lucidly.

Now, this is not just one way to play WWF offline. The WWF game makers have released WWF’s board versions. Hence, you can easily layout the board. This will allow you to play Words with Friends offline with your friends as well.

Solo Play or Social and Friends. Which one is more fun?

Well, we assume you already know how to play solo and even beat your friends as well. Now, this game not only makes you intelligent but also social. It allows you to play with your Facebook friends as well. Moreover, the chat is always available, allowing you to chat with your friends and opponents.

If you want to hear our opinion, let us tell you that it is more fun playing with your friends on Facebook or the WWF app. Nonetheless, the fun is more incredible when you play with humans than a bot. Also, you have been looking to make new friends, then this could be an excellent opportunity for you. You can make new friends while playing this game. And, believe us or not, if the stars conspire against you, then you might also your partner while playing the game.

Hence, besides playing offline, you can seriously enjoy playing this game online with your close friends and strangers worldwide. You might also get to know about different cultures and languages as well.

Words with Friends assistance and help

Well, it is very typical to find difficulties when you are playing Words with Friends. It might happen that you cannot come up with new words or the tiles are very difficult. We understand. At the same time, the game is mainly created to challenge your brain cells. Now, this does not mean you get completely stuck on the game or lose it. So, the Words with Friends help include using oursWords with Friends cheat. Hence, this will allow you to get ideas of newer words.

You will find a myriad of word finders that will help you to ace this game. It will unjumble the words and find new words as well. Hence, making you win. The word finders provide lists of words. So, you can select your preferable words from the lists. Therefore, using those words in your Words with Friends game.

Hence, if you are wondering whether you are cheating or you should take help or not, do not hesitate. Everyone needs help, and everyone cheats some time or the other. So, you do not have to be guilty at all. Moreover, gradually you will surely ace in your Words with Friends games.

Top 10 Tricks, Tips, and Strategies to ace WWF

Below we have listed the top 10 best strategies and tricks for you to win Words with Friends.

1. Begin small

If you start your game with a 5-lettered word or a 2-lettered word, then you will gain profits in the future. So, if you begin your game with two letters, then you can quickly get rid of your least favoured tiles at the beginning itself. Moreover, if you go with a 5-lettered word, then your opponent will create a lay along following your word. Therefore, in such a way, you can lucidly score singles for your words. This trick has helped a lot of gamers to ace the game. So, if you find your undesirable alphabets, then you can surely go with this trick.

2. Strategically make use of the coloured squares

You have to play tiles on the coloured squares to make the most of your bonus points. Moreover, you will also make more points by playing on DL, TL, DW, and TW squares. Let’s consider; you make the word “WORK.” So, you will get 11 points for this word. Now, if your “W” is on TL and “K” on TW, then you can score 57 points. Therefore, you have to play strategically. And, so try to land your alphabets in the appropriate tiles. Consequently, it is always advised you must make use of the coloured squares.

3. Use functional words

The trick to score even more is using functional words. So, learn some 2-lettered and 3-lettered words. This will help you in acing the game , and word unscramblers can provide you with a list of such words to help improve your vocabulary. Moreover, focus more on vowels. Also, use words like Z, J, Q, and X. So, follow this step and easily score points without thinking much.

4. Combine all the bonus multipliers

Another trick for winning and acing this game is by combining all the bonus multipliers. So, for unlocking truckloads of points, you have to combine word multiplier with letter multiplier. So, by following this trick, you can easily ace in this game and trounce your opponents.

5. Aim parallel plays

One of the best tricks is making new words just parallel to already existing plays. Moreover, you can score even more points by forming two or 3-lettered words. This is simple and also gets you great points. So, let’s say you have formed the word “HUMAN” in 4 blank squares. Now, you form “APEX” parallel to the former word. This overlap and you get 70 points. And, indeed, the more, the merrier. More points will quickly let you win the game.

6. Creating hooks for more significant points

So, you add a hook to an already present word for making a new word. Moreover, it is lucid to make and also results in giving you rich dividends. So, you can add alphabets at the end or beginning of the existing words for creating new words. Moreover, you can also go for perpendicular play by adding tiles at the top or bottom words.

7. Swap when necessary

If you find any tiles difficult or do not like them, you can easily swap tiles. Also, note that you must hesitate to swap tiles as this is undoubtedly a great move. Hence, by swapping tiles, you can get newer tiles. Therefore, leading you to score even more. So, never hesitate to change tiles. A lot of gamers use this trick and win Words with Friends. This is undoubtedly a great Words with Friends cheat.

8. Try making bingos

You can go for bingos if you happen to land on low-value consonants or blanks. Moreover, you might find that making words in such a situation is quite tricky. So, you have to go to make bingos. So, for scoring 35 points, then you can use all the tiles. Therefore, bingo is a great move as well.

9. Concentrate on the Centre

For preventing your opponent from scoring big, then you have to play concentrating on the center. So, do not ever let your opponent take advantage of your outer four rows. Moreover, also save your TW and TL combinations columns. You have to play in a way where your opponent does not get a chance to get hold of any of the tiles mentioned above and columns.

10. Adopting defences

Now, you must never underestimate your opponents. They might also use multipliers and bonuses for acing their games. So, your main aim must be limiting the opening to the colourful squares. These coloured squares can be advantageous for your opponents. So, it would help if you blocked them on time. Moreover, unless you are entirely sure to make a big word and score higher, you must continue with smaller words.

Hence, these were the top 10 tricks and cheats for helping you acing the Words with Friends game.

Words with Friends Cheat Screenshot


Enter the letters from your Words With Friends tile rack and click GO.
Enter the letters from your Words With Friends tile rack and click GO.
You can add blank tiles by typing a question mark ("?").
You can add blank tiles by typing a question mark (“?”).
Advanced: Enter any board letters, in order, you wish to match your tiles to.
Advanced: Enter any board letters, in order, you wish to match your tiles to.
Begins With: The board letters will begin each word result.
Begins With: The board letters will begin each word result.
Ends With: The board letters will end each word result.
Ends With: The board letters will end each word result.
Find words between letters on the board by typing question marks ("?").
Find words between letters on the board by typing question marks (“?”).

Summing Up!

I hope this article helped you in knowing the Words with Friends game even more. While playing the game, you can use any one Words with Friends cheat, or more than one cheats to win the game. Therefore, never hesitate to use any tricks and tips. Moreover, play strategically and methodically as well. These will indeed ensure your win. Moreover, if you want to play in upgraded and newer designs and themes, you must download Words with Friends 2.

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