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Why mobile app testing is important in cloud?

mobile app testing

The application of mobile ecosystem is dynamic in nature. Since new versions of the devices emerge in the market, the capacity has to be enhanced to comply with their needs. It is imperative that you test your app in an ever expanding pool so that the new ones are spotless.Mobile App testing at pCloudy is a priceless solution that provides an enterprise with a feasible solution. It is known to provide access to web based services that provides an immense pool of real devices along with handsets that establishes live connection to the systems globally.

Most of the enterprises have heard of cloud computing. But with the emergence of mobile technology and the increase  in the number of mobile users. Before you adopt this new form of technology for your business needs you have to understand the benefits of mobile app testing- cloud computing.


Cloud based tools bring in an element of virtualization. It enables companies to make an optimum use of their resources that makes testing efficient and reliable. Since applications are known to become complex, virtualization contributes to reduced capital cost and leads to benefit sharing of resources.

Price range at a competitive level

On comparing cloud based to regular automation tools, you will come across the fact that the cloud based ones are available at competitive price. This stems from the fact that you need to shell out a reasonable amount of money to upgrade your hardware. Even the option of pay as you go means that you would be using the tools when it is necessary. This would be working for most of the companies especially the ones that are looking to trim their expenses.

Easy access

A cloud based solution is ready to be used the moment you purchase them. An easy access to the internet means that the team members can work from anytime and anywhere. No more you need to worry about installation, set up costs or developing a hardware to use them. What it means is that there is a reduction in terms of effort of the IT team and the focus would be more towards the functional features at the workplace.

It goes without saying that a cloud based automation tool has a user friendly interface. Even for a new developer it becomes easy to use as there is no form of training that is necessary for this software.

Continuous integration is preferred

The moment you plan to add a code, you need to test it and deploy it all over again. For continuous integration cloud testing is ideal. This is known to order the test on various devices present with in the mobile app. If all occurs properly, the mobile app would move on to the production stage and release. Cloud testing ensures that you can test the larger scenarios straight away. The new builds are going to become newer versions that not only benefits the development team but even the testing team.

Cost effective

The major benefit of cloud testing is that it is cost- effective. There is no minimal or upfront cost involved in the process. Since it is a pay per use model it has been of considerable help to the user community at large. Without any form of adoption and license, it is going to be less of a barrier when cash turns out to be a major issue.

Cloud based testing requires minimum amount of capital expenditure along with infrastructure cost. Any form of wear and tear is going to reduce the impact on its normal life of the device.

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