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What is Google’s Play Pass?

By samanvya Sep 1, 2022

Playing games has never been easier. Today’s player can grab a quick dose of fun anytime they want, wherever they are.

We can thank the digital revolution for that of course. It’s now quick and simple to jump online from remote devices and grab yourself a slice of gaming action.

We can all download games to play later. You can have the device in your pocket and simply enjoy a burst of gaming while waiting for a train or during a break from work. 

Everything has been done to make it convenient and easy to play anytime, anywhere.

At the same time an amazing range of games have become available to play. There have never been so many different games out there.

And most of us agree today’s games are getting better and better. Gamers have never had it so good!

Get your games

But where do you get your games from? In the rush to get into a game and start playing, how do you know you have got the best deal?

Some games can be stupidly expensive to download on to your phone. Others can be loaded with infuriating ads.

Most annoying of all can be games that attract you with free deals but then require hefty in-game purchases to unlock the full content.

Sometimes it seems getting the right game at the right price is more difficult than playing Civilisation and GTA at the same time.

Look for deals

That is why experienced players know that one of the great secrets of today’s online gaming world is to look out for special deals. Shop around: you can find that many games are available via discount subscriptions or promotional deals.

Many games will have a promotional offer on at some point so players can play at a discounted price. The online casino industry is an online gaming niche which is well known for their promotional offers and bonuses. Various online casinos offer different bonuses to new players to attract them to their site, it gives the player the opportunity to trial out a site before depositing their own money. 

One-off players may find discounted promotions work better for them. But a subscription service can be the best answer for regular players. 

A subscription with a wide selection of different games can suit those who like to move between different games depending on their mood. 

There are plenty of subscription services out there and it’s worth comparing prices and what they offer. We think there is one that stands out as a great deal if you are looking for a wide selection of games.

Play Pass

We think the Google Play Pass is one of the best gaming subscriptions. Mainly that’s because it offers almost 1,000 games and apps for one small fee.

It is a way into hundreds and hundreds of the best games and apps – and has the extra benefit of avoiding any annoying ads or the requirement to make in-app purchases.

Put simply, the Pass allows unlimited access to games and apps on Google Play. It’s a service you access through your Android phone or pad/tablet.

You simply sign up and take your pick. There is an enormous choice.

Annual subscriptions are the best value, but new subscribers can start with a free trial. Low monthly prices are very competitive if you just want to play for short periods.

A family account makes sense if you want to share Play Pass with a maximum of five others.

The subscription payment allows you access to a carefully curated selection of games and apps from Google Play. You can use and play on these as much as you want – there’s no limit.

You can even install these treasures on other devices using that same Google subscription. It is like an Android version of Apple Arcade – plus the extra feature of a great collection of apps too.

In fact, the list of games and apps available on Play Pass is too huge to list here. There are simply hundreds of them!

And Google keeps adding more and more new titles. You will not be short of choice.

For example recent premium offerings added include Shiny Ski Resort, Brave Hand, PicLab – Photo Editor, Hidden City Adventure and Swapperoo. 

The catalogue currently includes games like Titan Quest, Absolute Drift, Star Wars Kotor and Thimbleweed Park although games do come and go over time. Look out for useful apps too, including All-in-one calculator, AudioLab, Flashcards and Photo Editor Pro.

To find the full latest Play Pass listing simply check the Play Store entry. Click the ‘explore’ button and scroll through all the content that is available to subscribers.

The advantages

So, if you like playing the best games it’s a no brainer. Rather than paying to download each individual title Google Play Pass lets you access hundreds – just for one small fee.

And don’t forget that you do not need to make in-app purchases to unlock the full content. These are the full games – with no extra spending required.

We like the extra no-ads feature too. If ads annoy you like they do us, the Pass is a way of cutting them out completely.

All the games and apps in the Play Pass service that would normally feature some infuriating ads are now completely ad-free when you access through your subscription. You sail through the games – it feels like you are there as a special VIP player.

It’s easy to find out how to sign up or just head straight to Play Store and choose Google Play.

Compare the market

Yes, that old slogan applies when choosing game deals, promotions and subs. We think that a subscription service usually offers players the best value.

And among all the sub services, Google Play has such a vast range of content it’s hard to make a case against it!

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