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What Are a Scorpio’s Strengths & Weaknesses?

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A Scorpio daily horoscope can help this sign understand the day ahead, but what should other members of the zodiac know about this constellation? Governed by Mars, this sign is passionate, sometimes volatile and a great one to have at your side. Here’s everything you should know to get along better with the Scorpios in your life.

What’s in Store for a Scorpio in 2022?

The year 2022 is a time of evolution. Scorpios will find their identities shifting, which may mean taking some time to figure themselves out. Remember that change is neither good nor bad — it’s what you make of it.

Best Time To Rest

The tail end of 2022 is a time of rest for Scorpios. Mars will be in retrograde, so hold off on new pursuits. Instead, gather your resources, make your plans and wait for January of 2023 to launch your latest projects.

Best Time To Invest

Keep an eye on your Scorpio daily horoscope if you’re looking for great investment opportunities. Mid-April is the perfect time to use your money to reap benefits, but be careful as the month ends. Plan for financial strain toward the end of July, but know that with effort, you’ll accumulate wealth.

The Best Traits of a Scorpio

Despite having much in common with fire signs, Scorpio is actually connected to the element of water. That means this zodiac is highly emotional and easily makes spiritual connections. Scorpios can be enigmatic to other signs, and their natural power often draws people to them. At their best, Scorpios are intense go-getters who make great ride-or-dies.


Scorpios aren’t afraid to say what’s on their minds. When you’re looking for someone to give it to you straight, a Scorpio is a perfect candidate. However, sometimes the truth can be hard to hear, so make sure you’re prepared for the harsh reality.


“Shoot for the moon” is Scorpio’s mantra. This water sign never does anything by halves, including dreaming. While ambition is usually associated with the emotionally colder signs, Scorpio uses its fiery essence to forge full steam ahead.


Above all, Scorpios never give up. That applies to their careers, relationships and dreams. When this water sign gets knocked down, it gets right back up.

In a romantic relationship, that means you can rely on your Scorpio partner to have your back. The scorpion is unwaveringly loyal, so there’s no risk of infidelity. If you value commitment, this sign makes an excellent partner.


With the planet of warriors influencing their personalities, it’s no surprise that Scorpios are brave beyond measure. Their fearlessness extends to every part of their lives:

  • Standing up to bullies
  • Taking risks in their careers
  • Going for it when they meet someone they like


Once this water sign has made up its mind, it’s nearly impossible to dissuade it. This stubbornness helps Scorpios achieve their goals, though it may grate on others’ nerves. It also lets Scorpios stand by their beliefs, no matter how peer pressure mounts.

Psychic readings for Scorpio can put you on the right path. With a bit of guidance, you can discover love, jumpstart your career and explore your passion.

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