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Watson’s Tips on Making Your Yard Kids-Friendly

Yard Kids-Friendly

Getting kids to play outdoors is vital for their development. Kids are naturally curious and want to learn about the world around them. Playing in the yard and making Yard Kids-Friendly allows them to discover nature and develop a connection with it. There are colors, sounds, visual effects, and sensory stimulants your youngest ones will enjoy. Simply, nature is the best playground.

While playing outside can be a great way to get your kids active, it also provides many health benefits. For example, fresh air and sunshine are both excellent sources of vitamin D, vital to healthy bones and teeth. Exposure to sunlight also supports healthy lung and brain function. Furthermore, it helps combat infections and improves sleep cycles.

Visiting a local park is a great option to let your kids play outside. But if you’re lucky enough to have a backyard, you can turn it into a lovely kids-friendly area without robbing a bank. It’s a great way to make your youngest one spend more time outside.

You can find some ideas on arranging your yard below: 

Choose Ground Cover

The first step to making your yard kid-friendly is choosing the right ground cover. A nicely landscaped lawn and kids often don’t go together. If you have enough space, simply set aside one corner that you will arrange to suit your little ones. 

The grass is typically the best option for ground covering, as it’s easy to plant and nurture. If you’re concerned because of foot traffic, consider getting synthetic grass. Or you can also try a low-growing plant, like thyme or clover. These are easy to maintain and can withstand running and walking. 

If you don’t want grass, opt for a ground cover that is soft and resistant to foot traffic. For example, rubber mulch is excellent for kids’ play areas. If you want to keep a touch of elegancy in your kid-friendly yard, add some wood mulch around flower beds, but only if you know your youngest ones won’t mess with it.- Yard Kids-Friendly

Play Structures- Yard Kids-Friendly

What is a playground without play structures? These are the essence of any outdoor play area. Depending on how handy you are, you can build or buy these. These structures don’t have to be complex. For example, you can build a climbing wall or a small slide. Leathers and ropes hanging from trees are simple yet excellent play structures for kids. 

You can also consider installing a tire swing, a classic kid-friendly backyard idea. You need nothing more than a sturdy branch, some thicker ropes, and an old car (or tractor) tire. A wooden swing also works well. Some handy tips on making these are listed here.

Depending on the size of your yard, you can add tree stumps, zip lines, or a sandbox flanked by plants. These can be great play features, and a sandbox is an excellent sensory play for kids of all ages. Just keep in mind these structures should be age-appropriate for your youngest ones.

Keep Your Yard Natural


There are many ways to create a playscape in your backyard and making Yard Kids-Friendly, including installing a swing set, stepping stones, or a tree stump obstacle course. Children will love exploring these features, and they also look nice in your yard, keeping it natural. Besides, kids benefit from contact with rocks, dirt, and plants, which helps them form lasting relationships. 

Pay particular attention to plants in your backyard if you plan to rearrange it for kids. Species that attract wildlife, such as bees and hornets, are useful for wildlife but can be risky for kids. So keep these plants away, at least until your kids are too small. Instead, plant some colorful flowers that will attract butterflies.

Use natural materials for paths, like stone or sand. You can even include garden lights to mark the playground edges. Keep storage areas in corners to not obstruct the view of the principal parts of the yard.

Good Lighting and Shade

Both features are important. Kids need good sun protection as much as you do. Even 15 minutes of direct sun exposure is enough to damage skin and cause sunburn. Besides using protective sunscreens and suitable clothes, you should install umbrellas and awnings to provide shade and protect the yard playground from the heat.

As for the lighting, you can check Watson’s Home and Recreation Store as the options are many. The focus is on the playground, which your kids can use late into the night during long summer days. Each play structure should have an independent light source. For example, solar panels are quite an acceptable and economical solution.

Kids today spend more time inside, on smart devices, or playing video games, so you need something to bring them outside. Having a kid-friendly backyard provides them with a much-needed escape. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Instead, you need some creativity and DIY skills to turn your backyard into a kid-friendly area.

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