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Unauthorized Access: Make Your PDF Files Safe with Password-Protect Tool of PDFBear

PDF Files Safe

Many people have been reported as victims of any fraudulent activities and unauthorized file access and use. As a PDF owner, it’s your primary duty to make sure that you always keep your PDF files safe at all times, especially if these contain valuable data and some information with a particular level of confidentiality. Otherwise, the chance is high that you’ll be one of those victims reported almost every day in the future. Hence, to avoid these things from happening, the best thing to do is simply set up a secure password for your PDF files. By doing so, no one can easily open and view your PDFs without your permission. You can find many reliable websites on the internet that will help you encrypt your PDF files, but the most popular site that has gained trust and confidence from most PDF users worldwide is PDFBear. Therefore, check the complete details below about the PDFBear platform and see how it works in keeping your PDF Files Safe with password protection.

Quick Password Setup

The PDFBear protect tool allows you to set up a password in your PDF files as quickly as possible. In fact, you only have to wait for a few minutes to get the task complete. The process is easy and straightforward. You only have to get your PDF files uploaded on the online tool of PDFBear. 

You’ll need to create a customized password, integrating small and capital letters, numbers, and some symbols you want to add. You have to make sure that the password is strong enough that’s cannot be easily decoded by anyone who wants to try accessing it without your knowledge. After that, your newly encrypted PDF files are now available for download, and you can save them directly to your device. That’s the quickest process of setting up a safe and secure password using PDFBear. 

Safe Online Tool to Use

The safety of your PDF files is one of your primary objectives in choosing an online tool. You might have experienced other platforms you can find on the internet that you can’t be entirely sure if they are safe and secure. Don’t worry because PDFBear aims to make your files or uploads safe at all times. 

When you upload your PDF files on the PDFBear website and provide the password you’ve created, the system will immediately process the encryption procedure. Then, you can get the newly passworded PDF files downloaded directly to your device. After one hour, PDFBear will remove all of your uploads entirely and permanently from its server.

It’s to make sure that no one will have a chance to trace your PDF files and try to open, view, and use them without your authorization. Hence, using the PDFBear platform will make your files safe. It’s also why many long-time split with sodapdf users trust this platform because it always observes users’ privacy. 

Online Tool Accessibility

Another benefit of using the PDFBear platform in setting up a password in your PDF files is its tool accessibility. You’ll never encounter any trouble in accessing the tool. In fact, there’s no need to have any additional computer software installed on your device or even any more apps to download for an extension. 

All you need is to go to the PDFBear website and use the tool. That’s it! You only have to make sure that the device you’re currently using is working perfectly fine and you’re able to connect it to a secure and stable internet service. If so, you’ll always have access to the PDFBear online tool, and you can get your PDF files encrypted anytime and anywhere. 

You can process it on your laptop or the desktop computer you have at home. It is also fine if you’re using Linux, Windows, or Mac operating systems because PDFBear is working compatible with these file sources. Moreover, people who are always on the go can always make use of their smartphones that they always bring with them wherever they go. It might be an Android or iOS. Either of the two works perfectly fine with PDFBear. 


As mentioned above, it’s a primary duty of the PDF owners to make sure that their PDF files are safe at all times, no matter what. Hence, setting up a strong and secure password is the best way to do that, and PDFBear will help get things done most conveniently. Therefore, whenever you need your PDF files to be fully encrypted, always remember the PDFBear online tool that you can access and use 100% safe and free.

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