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Top 10 Project Management Certifications in 2022

Project Management Certifications

A project management certification is a program that evaluates a person’s expertise and knowledge of project management principles, processes, and tools. Project management Certifications and project management certificates are not the same things. Weeks of classes and hours of education covering various aspects of project management are often required for PM certifications. 

For starters, becoming a project management certified expert might boost your self-assurance. Second, it might assist you in improving your project management skills. Finally, project management certifications support this effective strategy for completing projects on time and under budget. These credentials, however, are not easy to obtain; applicants must go through a rigorous application and examination process.

The Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) credential, offered by the PMI, confirms your understanding of agile principles and competence with agile practices. Scrum, Kanban, Lean, extreme programming (XP), and test-driven development are among the subjects covered in the exam (TDD). It focuses on seven main knowledge domains: agile principles and mindset, value-driven delivery, stakeholder engagement, team performance, adaptive planning, problem detection and resolution, and continuous improvement. It is aimed at those who work on agile teams or in agile organizations.

  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

The PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is a foundational qualification offered by the organization. It requires a thorough understanding of all IT project management best practices and procedures. In addition, the CAPM lays the groundwork for other project management certificates, such as the Project Management Professional (PMP). The CAPM is a fantastic certification that’s not too challenging.

For example, The Project Management Institute’s Certified Associate in Project Management is the first credential offered without any requirements. This implies you don’t need any previous credentials or to have completed any Project Management programs to qualify.

  • PPM: Professional in Project Management

The PPM (Professional in Project Management) is a thorough program that covers the principles of project management software and best practices, strategies, and case studies that you can use for your projects. As a result, you’ll be able to increase your organization’s performance, manage crucial changes regardless of time or scale, select the appropriate scope for your project, and lead it to completion. You will also gain strategic insights into how to improve overall performance by implementing key concepts such as Agile methodology and enterprise architecture.

  • CSM: Certified ScrumMaster

Every industry person is looking for intelligent and talented people with ScrumMaster certification to grow their business effectively. You will learn the Scrum framework and understand team responsibilities, events, artifacts, and regulations as a certified ScrumMaster, allowing the Scrum Team to function at their best.

Prerequisites:  Scrum is something that most people are familiar with.

Attend a two-day (16-hour) CSM course in person.

Accept your license agreement after passing the CSM. After that, complete the Scrum Alliance membership. 

  • CPMP: Certified Project Management Practitioner

CPMP is a widely used certification that helps individuals grow and learn managerial skills and practical project management that IT professionals highly require.  The primary goal of this certification is to assist professionals in developing technical, leadership, and management abilities to complete any project.

  • Associate in Project Management (APM)

The Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM) offers the Associate in Project Management (APM) certification as an entry-level project management certification to confirm your core knowledge of the Project Management Framework. It’s for people with little to no project management expertise and contains an online course that you must finish before taking the certification exam. The course covers project management fundamentals, project management training, and all of the project management role’s foundations that you’ll need to succeed in the role. It is aimed at project managers and project team members, graduate and undergraduate students, entry-level practitioners, and anybody interested in pursuing a career in project management.

  • CompTIA Project+ Certification

CompTIA Project+ is ideal for individuals with some project management experience but who don’t have formal certification. Meanwhile, most employers and lecturers recommend this course as a suitable location to begin your career and a stepping stone to additional Project Management Certifications. It also aims at all project managers to understand, define, and measure project management concepts.

  • Certified Project Director (CPD)

The Certified Project Director certification is the highest project management certification offered by the GAQM. This certification focuses on managing, budgeting, deciding the scope for many projects, and identifying interdependent risks to deliver successful projects. People who are well trained with extensive project management skills are eligible for the CPD program. 


Technology has altered the way businesses work. The PM certification gives project managers credentials that can help them advance their professions. By completing these courses and passing the exam, you will gain valuable skills and information that will enable you to answer the most pressing needs of today’s businesses.

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