Things you Must not do in RC Passage


Things you Must not do in RC Passage

Reading Comprehension is one of the scoring sections in the CAT exam. Aspirants preparing for the CAT examination usually finish these kinds of topics before the registration of the CAT exam. Every time when we see a question paper, we find some confusing questions that are asked and these are the questions which take lots of time in your examination. To make these things easier for aspirants, we came across some easy tips and tricks.


Things not to do in Reading Comprehension:

  • Be an active reader

Don’t be lazy while attempting the reading comprehension question. Don’t just read it like you are reading a novel, read each and every line perfectly, understand the whole passage. Read the passage slowly; focus on the comprehension, not on reading. If you haven’t read it properly, you have to read it every time you encounter a new question.

  • Avoid Reading options

Never read the given answer choices before reading the comprehension properly, but many candidates find it more convenient to have a look at the questions before reading the comprehension. Reading the answer choices before reading the comprehension may load you with some incorrect information which creates a lot of confusion while you are actually solving the questions.

  • Don’t waste time in unknown words

One of the biggest problems in reading comprehension is when you see an unknown word. If you spend more time on these types of words, it will make things worse. Putting more time in these types of questions will eat up your valuable time to solve easy questions.

  • Don’t think outside the box, each and every correct option would come from the passage only.

Each and every question asked after a comprehension are always based on the given passage, never think off-track, if any option is not related to the given passage then it is an incorrect option.

The above-mentioned are some tips provided to help candidates in their CAT Exam. Preparing for CAT? Still waiting for the right study material, choose the one that best suits you. For more information on Cat 2017 Cat exam syllabus pattern and other study materials like video lectures, subscribe to Byju’s YouTube Channel:


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