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These plagiarism checking apps are a must to download for students

These plagiarism checking apps are a must to download for students

When students use another person’s ideas or words in their assignments or papers without crediting the actual source, they commit plagiarism. It is unethical and can cause several serious consequences on their lives. Also, if a teacher finds any copied or plagiarized content in their academic work, they have the complete right to take any action against them. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best plagiarism checking apps that a student can use to check the duplicate content. But, first, you need to know that:

How a Plagiarism Checker App is important for every student?

A plagiarism app is important for every student because it helps to check the originality of their assignments and research paper’s content.

It is widely used by bloggers and writers to check plagiarism in blog posts and articles within no time.

And the plagiarized content checking app is important for the mentioned below reasons:

Ø Highlights the Plagiarized Content

The purpose of a plagiarism detection app is to highlights every single word and each sentence that is already used on the internet.

These apps also give complete details about the actual content.

Ø Give more Resources

These apps use many online resources to find every piece of plagiarized content.

They mainly focus to match the content with all online databases to detect the plagiarized content.

Ø Displays the Percentage

The best thing about these apps is that they show the exact percentage of plagiarized and unique content written in the assignment or a blogpost.

Further in this article, we’re going to discuss some must use plagiarism detection apps for students and here we go:

Best 3Plagiarism Checking Apps for Students

1.  Plagiarism Checker (By Prepostseo)


The plagiarism detection app by Prepostseo can provide the best help in detecting the copied text used in assignments and other documents.

It quickly scans the document and matches it with several online resourcces to find the plagiarized text.

Working on this App

The app has an interesting and simple interface that a student can easily use to scan documents.

First, download the app from the play store and quickly sign up to start scanning the files.

Directly write or paste the text into the input box of the checker or scan an image by using the camera.

The app uses OCR technology to scan the image, then analyze the readable text.

After scanning the entire document, it compares the document with several online databases to find duplicate content.

Features of this App:
  • Support Multiple Files:The app allows students to upload files in multiple formats including PDF, TXT, and DOC.
  • Quick Image Scanning:The best feature of this incredible app is image scanning.

It uses the latest OCR technology to find copiedtext in the files.

  • Deep Search Technology:The app deeply analyzes the entire file and compares it with every available online database to get the plagiarized text.
  • Percentage: After scanning the file, it quickly shows the matched content and tells the percentage of unique and plagiarized content.
  • Report Generation:It generates the final result report and allows users to save it directly into the mobile phone.

Report Generation

The app highlights the matched sources and provides an option to redirect users to the actual source of text.

  • Compatibility: It is compatible with android 5.0 and up.
  • Free to Use:The app is free to use for multiple online purposes.

The free version of the app provides 200 search queries for free.

Users can buy their premium plans to get search queries up to 500,000.

2.  Plagiarism Checker (By Maksim Gusev)


The plagiarized content detector by Maskim helps to provide the best results to help several students, bloggers, and SEO experts.

The main purpose of this app is to check the originality of the given text by comparing it with online databases.

Working on this App

The user interface of this app is quite simple and can be easy for students to find the copied text within a few minutes.

It is widely used to check the similarity of the matched content.

First, download the app from the Google store and log in to the app to use it.

Simply paste the text into the checker or upload a file from the mobile phone.

The further analyze the whole file and compares it with online databases to find the copied content.

It focuses on highlighting the unique text and it also provides the actual source of the original text.

Features of this App:
  • Copy and Paste:This app provides an option for students to directly copy and paste the text into the input box.
  • Online Databases:It uses multiple online databases to check duplicate content.
  • Unique Content:After scanning the complete text, it quickly shows the uniqueness of the document within a few seconds.
  • Text Similarities:It also shows the similarity between written and matched content.
  • Final Report:The app also generates a final result report to save the record of copied data.
  • Compatibility:This app requires android 4.1 and up.

Text Similarities

3.  Plagly – Plagiarism Checker


This amazing app compares the given text with the maximum online resources to get the best results.

Its main purpose is to highlight the copied phrases and multiple sentences.

It is widely used by several students to check the originality of their assignments and other research papers.

Working on this App

The user interface of this plagiarism checking app is quite simple.

Once you have installed the app, simply paste the text into the app or upload a file from the mobile phone.

Working on this App

The app will quickly analyze the entire text and finds all possible plagiarized text in the document by matching it with several online resources.

Features of this App:
  • Copy and Paste:Students can directly paste the document into the input box and easily check the content’s originality of their assignments.
  • Next Level Technology:The app is consistently updating its algorithms and comes with advanced next-level technology to create the best results.
  • Natural Language Processing:This feature of this app quickly checks all grammar issues that occurred in the file.
  • Possible Plagiarism:It focuses on finding the best possible solution to the given text by comparing it with online databases.
  • Generates Final Report:This app also generates a quick result report to check the originality of the given file.
  • Compatibility:This app also required android 4.1 and up.

Wrapping Up

Using a plagiarism checker app is the best option for every student to check the originality of their assignments, papers, and other documents.

A student mustdownload one of the mentioned above plagiarism checking apps to detect the copied content of their work.

All of these apps use the latest technologies and come up with some excellent features to quickly detect plagiarized content.

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