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These casino games have been around since ancient times

By mindmingles Oct 22, 2022

Technology has changed the world around us in every way imaginable. It’s fair to say it has ridden roughshod over some traditions and practices that had existed for generations, especially when it comes to games and leisure pursuits. For example, how many people today write letters to their friends or set up dark rooms to develop their own photographs? 

You might think of online casino gaming as a very new type of technology, especially when it incorporates live table games where you interact with a dealer in real time. Yet the irony is that in this case, the technology is actually bringing some of the oldest and most traditional games to a whole new audience.  


A little like your own personal lotto game, keno involves guessing which numbers will be drawn. Typically, the numbers run from one to 80, and the potential rewards increase with the number of matches you get right. Keno has quite a high house edge, and over the years, this has often been used to raise profits for a specific project or a good cause. Keno has been around longer than any other gambling game – in fact, a form of keno was used to generate funding for construction of the Great Wall of China in the third century BC. 


People have been playing dice games since the earliest human civilisations. But the oldest that is still routinely played in both physical and online casinos is craps. The game was first documented during the Crusades, invented by Sir William of Tyre during the 12th century as a way for him and his knights to pass the time while waiting to lay siege to a castle in around 1125.  


In the late 20th century, bingo was perceived as a game played almost exclusively by ladies in their senior years. Over the past five years or so, the bingo companies have combined the power of the online age with some serious marketing activities to repackage it for a broader audience. It has worked, and today, it attracts online audiences across the world. In India, bingo is also known as Tambola, and players of all ages can visit GO India to play Bingo Online. What few realize, however, is that the game of bingo – or tambola if you happen to be in India – originates in Italy where it was first played around 500 years ago. 


Is there any more iconic symbol of the casino that a polished mahogany roulette wheel? It’s a game that is stunning in its simplicity, and if you play the European version, with just one zero, it also delivers a better average return than most casino games. The first roulette wheel was invented by accident. French mathematician Blaise Pascal created it some time in the late 1600s while experimenting on his theories of perpetual motion. The fact that the wheel stops soon enough shows that he never got far. Still, his invention has provided entertainment and excitement for millions of casino players in the subsequent 350 years! 


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