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The Tourists Guide to Florence: Discover the Best Way to Travel Comfortably

Travel Comfortably

Raise your hand if Italy is on your bucket list of travel destinations to Travel Comfortably!

With travel coming back full-force this year, now is the perfect time to make all your Italian travel dreams come true. From great wine to delicious pasta, there is so much to look forward to in this wonderful European country.

And when it comes to traveling to the best cities throughout Italy, Florence is hopefully at the top of your itinerary. Also referred to as Firenze, this is possibly one of the most spectacular cities in all of Europe. Now, we know this is a bold statement to make but bear with us.

The city of Florence is lined with frescoes from Giotto, canvases from Botticelli and sculptures from Michelangelo. The art alone is out of this world dreamy and reason enough to go. But there is more to this city than just the art. The architecture within Florence is also that out of a fairy tale. And then add in Milan as the fashion capital of Italy. Not to mention the incredible array of shops and vibrant nightlife too.

To be honest, going to Florence can be extremely overwhelming because of just how much there is to do, see and experience. But there is no reason to stress because we are here to make sure that you can travel your way through Florence comfortably and confidently.

Before you have even gotten on the plane or train to this marvelous city, you can take steps to ensure that you will enjoy your journey every step of the way and Travel Comfortably and stay at St Martin Villas.

1. Book Your Luggage Storage in Advance- Travel Comfortably

There are many important things that are likely on your checklist to do before your departing train to Florence. And one of them should be figuring out the luggage storage in Florence Train Station. The city of Florence is many things, but being a luggage-friendly city is not one of them.

So rather than lug your bags around in between your train ride and hotel check-in, store your bags at the conveniently located retail shops within the Florence train station. All you have to do is search online, book it in advance and drop your bags off as soon as your train arrives. There is no fuss whatsoever in this process.

You will love being able to arrive in Florence without being weighed down by your bags. You will be able to comfortably explore all the streets of Florence, all the museums and all the cafes with ease.

2. Learn the Tram Routes

The city of Florence has an extensive tramline that runs between the airport, the train station and all the major hubs in between. This is probably one of the most comfortable forms of public transportation in Florence and we highly recommend it as a convenient way to get around.

The tramline has actually only recently opened in 2019, so the whole experience is really new and modern. The schedule is equally convenient, running from 5 am to past midnight every day of the week. Best of all, the price for a tram ticked is less than an espresso shot. So there is no reason to not take it.

If you are going to be in Florence for a while, you may even consider getting a tramline pass so you can easily hop on and off without having to purchase a new ticket each time. You will love the experience of mingling with the locals and not having to walk everywhere all the time.

3. Book Your Museum Tickets in Advance

As we mentioned earlier, there are some phenomenal pieces of art, stunning museums and incredible architecture to witness in Florence. But it is also a very common reason many visitors flock to the city. So you want to be prepared for the crowds and be flexible with your timeline for the day.

One of the best ways to comfortably experience these top-rated attractions is by booking your tickets in advance online. You can choose the time slot you want in advance and show up a few minutes in advance. You get to skip the line, skip the stress and maximize your day.

No one likes waiting in line or wasting time, so it pays to be a bit prepared in advance and organize your schedule ahead of time.

4. Eat Like a Local

If you are looking for the ultimate form of comfort when in Florence, you will want to eat your heart out while there. The city itself is world-famous for its comfort foods like pasta, pizza and soups. Italians love to eat, especially with a long lunch. And best of all, the food at the local hotspots are so affordable you never have to worry about breaking your budget.

The warm, fresh and insanely delicious smelling foods will make your heart literally melt and your stomach jump for joy. Come to the city with an empty stomach so you can eat your heart out.

5. Watch the Sunset Along the Waterfront

Oh, nothing beats a good sunset along the waterfront of Florence. One of the most magical places to comfortably watch the sky turn to cotton candy hues is in some cute little Italian restaurants plopped along the riverway. You will be able to dine el fresco outside, with tasty Italian wine and in a completely relaxed environment. Do not be surprised if you end up wanting to sit there for hours. The ambience is so inviting it is really hard to leave.

Then, when you do get the will to actually get up, nothing tops the day off by walking along the pathways next to the river under the moonlit sky. It is the best way to prepare for a good night’s sleep after a full day in Florence.


There are so many different ways to ensure that your trip to Florence is as comfortable as possible. From organizing luggage storage in advance to booking top-rated attraction tickets online, you can ensure that your time in Florence will be nothing but absolute bliss.




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