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The Reason Your Female Betta Fish Is Making Bubbles and What You Can Do To Fix It

By sweety Jul 7, 2022

Betta fish are one of the most popular freshwater aquarium pets. They are small, peaceful and hardy fish that can be kept in just about any home aquarium. If you have a betta fish, you’ve probably noticed that they enjoy swimming at the top of their tank, under the surface of the water or wherever they feel the urge to make bubbles. Some people even say that they imprint on a particular spot in their tank so they tend to gravitate towards it when feeling stressed or anxious. If you don’t know what causes your female Betta Fish to bubble, take a look at our explanation below:

What is a female Betta Fish’s bubble habit?

Bubbles come from the mouth of your Betta Fish when she feels threatened, stressed or is just really excited. Female Betta fish are typically more excited than males and will often bubble when they are ready to breed or are in heat. For a female Betta fish to produce bubbles, she must have access to a hiding place where she can escape from the sight of her tank mate and relax. A female betta fish for sale that is hiding in a bubble safe spot is not under any stress and is just trying to escape the sight of the other fish in her tank. This habit is harmless and can be very funny to watch.

Why does my female Betta Fish make bubbles?

Some people claim that their female Betta fish always bubbles. This is rarely the case and is usually caused by some form of stress in the tank. If your female Betta Fish is always making bubbles, it’s best to take a closer look at the tank. Is there nothing in the tank that could produce stress for her? If there is, you can try to move some of the decorations in the tank or place some food in the corner of the tank so the female Betta has something to hide behind.

Signs of stress in your female Betta Fish

If you’ve been following our explanation about female Betta Fish that bubble, you should have a good idea of what causes your female Betta to make bubbles. If you don’t know why your female Betta makes bubbles or if she is under any stress, you will need to do some detective work. You can look at the behaviour of your Betta Fish to try to figure out if she is stressed. Signs of stress in your female Betta Fish include hiding, avoiding the sight of other fish, floating towards the top of the tank, and excessive bubbling.

How to fix a female Betta Fish that bubbles under stress

Female bettas will bubble if they feel stressed. If your female Betta keeps making bubbles all the time, it could mean one of two things: She is experiencing an excessive amount of stress and needs some time off to relax or Her tank is too small and she is barely able to move If your female Betta is bubbling under stress, try these tips to help her relax again:

– Make some extra noise.

– Bubble baths are a great way to relax your betta.

– Put her in a bigger tank.

– Choose a relaxing or calming color for her decor.


Bubbles are a sign that your female Betta Fish is feeling stressed or anxious. If your Betta Fish is always making bubbles, it’s important to find out why. If your Betta Fish is spawning, she is trying to get the attention of an unwanted male, or she is fighting with another Betta Fish, it could be a sign that something is wrong with her tank water. So, make sure your tank water is clean and that your Betta Fish isn’t spawning. Next, try to find something else to do in your tank so your female Betta Fish isn’t as anxious.


By sweety

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