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The original six of the NHL

six of the NHL

From the 1942-43 season the NHL was reduced to six of the NHL teams. It is possible to wager on them at the platform. Some of those names included:

  • the Montreal Canadiens;
  • the Toronto Maple Leafs;
  • the Boston Bruins;
  • the Detroit Red Wings;
  • the Chicago Black Hawks;
  • and the New York Rangers.

All of them known as the Original Six. Now, many decades later, the competition has seen a massive expansion. It now features many teams from Canada and the United States. Yet, these original six of the NHL still deserve to be remembered. All the NHL teams are available for betting at the 1xBet platform.

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For 25 seasons and until the 1967/68 season, the NHL did not accept any expansion and remained focused on northeastern North America. However, now that the competition has expanded greatly, visiting can be an excellent prospect.

The team owners and Clarence Campbell maintained a closed system with rigorous admission criteria, which prevented the arrival of new clubs. With few teams, it was common for some to dominate the league and win several consecutive championships. Those who benefited the most were the Montreal Canadiens, with ten titles, and the Toronto Maple Leafs with nine. Rivalries also strengthened, and attendance at the stadiums increased. This also resulted in an incredibly exciting competition, which can be wagered on at the 1xBet website.

Canada’s domination

That period was also characterized by the strong presence of Canadian players, to the detriment of athletes from other continents. Originally, teams had exclusive rights to sign a promising player if he was within a 50-mile area of distance from the clubhouse. If the player was outside that area, he could trade with any team. This rule was maintained until the introduction of the first draft in 1963. This also limited transfers between clubs. These transfers are also available to wager on at the 1xBet latest version app.

Although the league was consolidated at that time as the first ice hockey league in North America, other championships in that sport were promoted, especially in those areas without a franchise in the NHL. One of the most relevant was the Western Hockey League, concentrated in the western United States and Canada, which operated from 1952 to 1974. The American Hockey League, which later became a minor league in the NHL, was also well received. In any case, all of this resulted in the consolidation of the NHL, which now is the strongest league of the sport, and is available for betting at the latest version of the 1xBet app.

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