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Smart New Years Resolutions For Small Businesses

By mindmingles Jan 28, 2021
New Years Resolutions For Small Businesses

The New Year’s resolutions you’ve set for yourself may be neatly lined up in a list sitting on your desk, but have you thought about what resolutions you want to set for your business, too? While personal resolutions are far more common than business ones, there’s no reason you can’t take the start of a fresh year as an opportunity to go over the items you hope to accomplish in your company during the upcoming year. Whether you want to incorporate a new clover POS system or offer more merchant services career opportunities to job seekers in your area, having the list handy can help you stay centered and focused. Check out some of the smartest New Years Resolutions For Small Businesses to consider making this next year.

Upgrade Your Old or Outdated Pieces of Technology

No business running on outdated technology can truly keep up with the competition. Rather than risk getting left behind in a wave of new high-end tech, try budgeting for a few key pieces like wireless credit card readers to offer your customers the best service possible. When you get rid of old equipment, you might also be able to improve workplace efficiency at the same time.

Work on Communicating With Staff and Delegating More When Necessary

One common trap many business owners experience is taking on too many tasks personally and failing to communicate needs with the staff. Though you don’t want to overwork your employees, it’s important to delegate when you need to. In fact, your company may run more smoothly when chores are split up. Some items you could delegate include:

  • Answering customer phone calls
  • Sending out invoices
  • Cleaning up your store

Schedule Time for Both Networking and Not Working

Though it’s easy for many small business owners to fall into the common trap of working all the time, there are at least two other important items that should be penciled into your schedule. Be sure to actually schedule them in, too, since simply hoping you’ll get around to them without having dedicated time for them can easily lead to forgoing them in favor of more work. These two items are networking and taking time off for yourself. The first is essential in order to make more business connections and widen your network of potential clients and partners. The other is taking enough time to relax and refresh, without worrying about checking emails or writing up invoices. It might sound counterintuitive, but taking time off can be one of the most effective ways to ensure you’re efficient and on the ball during the workday.

Just like you can make personal resolutions for the new year, you can set a series of goals you hope to accomplish with your business this calendar year. Small businesses schedule template can help give themselves a leg up simply by clearly defining aspirations and a pathway for achieving those aspirations, and these ideas for New Years resolutions can help give you a kick-start on that path. As you prepare for another year of working to make your company the success you want it to be, think about the goals you wish to accomplish and the business resolutions that can help you get there.

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