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Sea of Thieves: Everything New Players Need to Know

Know Sea of Thieves

Most of us have at some point wondered how it would feel to roam the deep ends of oceans, drinking, singing, and hoarding pleasure. Sea of thieves is undoubtedly the best cooperative piracy simulator game that allows gamers to experience that dream. Thanks to the Battlelog team, as soon as a player starts it up, the plank of a world filled with monsters, lore, and loads to discover almost becomes a reality. Let’s see the Sea of Thieves: everything new players need to know.

To win sea battles and gather treasure while escaping plunderers on the sea of thieves, there’s a lot to learn and the need for Sea of Thieves cheats aimbot can’t be overemphasized. We have sailed the seas and hereunder is everything new Sea of Thieves players need to know, including which ship to select, how to hustle for money, and about the monsters.

Sea of Thieves: Everything New Players Need to Know 

1. Don’t Worry If You Fall Off the Ship

The Sirens in the Sea of Thieves are not the type that kills you, they are meant to teleport you back to the ship. So, if you fall off your ship, whether playing solo or with your friends, ask your crew to stop and wait till you swim back or look for some blue smoke coming from the waves. Such a cloud of smoke is an indication that the siren is awaiting you there to take you back to your ship.

2. Check Below Deck for Water If You Get Caught in A Storm

Hitting a big rock or getting hit by cannonballs are probably the main alerts that the ship could be taking in water. However, just like in real life, getting caught in a big thunderstorm should alert you that there could rain pelting on the deck and washing down below. As such, be alert lest your ship fills with water thus getting you in danger of sinking. 

3. Your Vomit Can Act as A Weapon

During the sail, getting drunk is a key part of pirate life. However, that will often make you start staggering wildly and impair your vision. Before you start cursing your stomach, grab a bucket and vomit inside. You can save it for a little later then splash it on your crew mate’s face or just vomit directly in their avatar’s mug making them all go green. Great, isn’t it?

There’s an easy way to count your steps

4. Protect Your Treasure at All Costs

After a while, you’ll probably get a chest and the urge to continue sailing with your ship full of treasure may be high, but beware. If your ship happens to sink, it means you forget your treasure. The more you continue keeping it on the ship, the more the risk of it being stolen by other players. Instead, sell it to the Gold Hoarders between voyages or at least devise more creative ways of hiding your treasure chest if you must roam the waves with it for long 

5. You Can Board Other Players’ Ships

This also applies to other players, it’s pirates’ life after all. Just find another ship on the map and you can raid them with your cannons or send part of your crew to board their ship and steal their treasure chests for yourself. Remember that even if you kill all your opposing crew members, they’ll respawn quickly and you can suddenly find yourself surrounded by enemies when your hands are full of stolen treasure chests.

6. The Edge of The Map Is A Death Trap

In the Sea of Thieves, it’s easy to reach the edges of the map territory’s and believe me you’ll know it. Once you venture uncharted territories, the waters and the sky turn red, and before you know it your ship starts creaking in damage while your precious treasure disappears into the depths. The only alternative is to seek help from the sirens.

7. You Have to Vote for A Voyage Before You Set Sail

Below your ship’s deck, you’ll find a map table and another table with a sheet of paper on it. Here you must vote a voyage to undertake and be in agreement with all your crew. This applies even for Sea of Thieves solo and it’s after the consensus voting that one gets the maps guiding to the buried treasure.

8. Communication Is Key for You to Find Your Crew Mates 

Navigating on Sea of Thieves has old-fashioned communication means and despite the lack of min-maps and radars, you ought to find a way to communicate and hope for the luck of finding each other during the treasure hunts.

9. If You Attack Enemy Ships, Aim Your Cannon Below the Waterline 

This damages their ship and also ensures the water rushes in faster thus giving them more problems.

Parting Shot…

Even before its release back in 2015, the sea of thieves had garnered huge hype. At the start, there’s a little explanation of how things work in this game, from sailing to completing voyages. All that is picked up as you progress, which makes it more interesting.

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