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Popular NFT Games to Earn and Invest in 2022

NFT Games to Earn

Virtual gaming is overrated. It’s time to make real money out of it with blockchain-based games! The NFTs are the biggest trend in the gaming industry today. The blockchain technology has created a new path for gaming enthusiasts to earn real money from their favorite NFT Games to Earn.

Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs) are digital assets that are unique and cannot be exchanged for other NFTs. Unlike cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, NFTs aren’t divisible. However, they can be tokenized and stored on a blockchain. NFTs have been used to create collectibles and artworks because their uniqueness is guaranteed by the blockchain technology on which they’re built.

Battle of the guardians- NFT Games to Earn

Battle of the Guardians is one of the most popular NFT games in existence. Here, you trade cards to collect guardians and then pit them against each other in battles to win ETH. The game has already been played over 25 million times and has generated over $6 million for gamers through its rewards pools.

Idle cyber

Idle cyber is one of the best NFT games on the crypto market. The game is similar to Idle Miner except that it features crypto assets and blockchain technology. This allows you to earn cryptocurrency and you can get your own cards and create them. 

Their main goal is to be the best and have the highest level of cards compared to others. In Idle cyber, players have to mine Ethereum by buying miners, using their power to mine, and then upgrading them for more profit. The game is a test of your investment skills as you will have to buy new miners at the right moment to optimize income.

Gods unchained

Gods unchained is a card game similar to Hearthstone. It’s built on the ethereum blockchain and allows players to collect, trade and play cards in the game. The game is a collectible card game that players can earn in-game items which they can trade outside of the game.

The cards are stored as NFTs on the blockchain so you own all your cards even if you don’t have access to the game anymore. The company behind Gods Unchained has raised over $30 million from several investors including Coinbase Ventures, Andreesen Horowitz and more which makes it one of the most popular NFT games.The game’s main selling point is its competitive nature. It allows players to earn rewards and prizes by winning tournaments.

Crypto kitties

This is probably the most well-known game in this space. It was developed by Dapper Labs and became quite popular in 2017 when it was released. It has received a lot of attention recently due to its partnership with NBA Top Shot, which lets users purchase and trade basketball highlights from past NBA games as digital collectibles on a blockchain. 

But even before that, Crypto Kitties was a hit because it allowed users to trade their own digital cats online. It uses smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain which allow people to create and trade their own virtual pets with other players around the world, using ether as payment for these transactions.


This is an action RPG adventure game built on the blockchain technology. This game is based on the Ethereum network that allows users to collect unique items by using their skills and equipment. The main mission of the player is to fight against monsters and save Illuvium from evil forces.

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