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Pool Tables: Types, How To Choose & More!

By varsha Mar 31, 2023
Pool Tables

Have you decided to buy a pool table, and now you have no idea where to start? Buying a pool table is a vast investment, and once you buy it, there is no going back! In that case, you should research well before going for it. You should not give in to your impulsive wants, instead, think rationally before going for one. In this article, you’ll get all answers regarding pool tables, and you can consider those before you actually decide to go for a pool table. For someone who likes to move around their arm during their leisure time, a pool table is best for you. 

Pool Table Styles You Need To Know

Let’s talk about different pool table styles you need to know before buying a pool table. There are a variety of pool tables, but getting one that suits the room’s aesthetic or the area is equally important. There are tables such as –

1. Classic 

The tables that gave you a green field-like soft feel, is the old classic table that are ruling for decades. There are a few new designs as well, but nothing compares to that. The tables are made up of hardwood frame and generally comes with a unique and vintage pattern. In most old places you can still hunt for these tables, as I don’t think this will ever go out of trend. 

2. Modern 

These are modern time pool tables that come with their own originality and twist. You won’t find any old touch in these designs it’s completely new. It can come with glass top covers and beautiful lighting and pockets which makes it unique and modern in all variants. The felt colors are different as well making it stand out completely. 

3. Contemporary 

The contemporary design comes with just old design but with a twist in the design. The design is not too far from the classic pool tables. Comes with hardwood and comes with different colored felt as well. 

These were the types of pool tables that are available. You can choose anyone that goes with your room type. 

Things you should consider before buying a pool table 

A pool table has the capability to bring everyone together for entertainment during family get together. You need to consider a few things before buying a pool table. Let’s take a look at those points –

1. The Size Matters 

Make sure your pool table doesn’t take up the entire space of your room. A pool table increases the look of the room. You should choose a pool table that perfectly goes with your room décor and your room length as well. For that, the first step is to measure the room. Go ahead and measure your room. You need to keep room for not only the table but some space around it so that the players get enough room to play as well. Most pool tables are generally 8 feet long and 4 feet wide but you can always get one in a small size.

2. Speak to A Professional! 

Talking to a professional is always safe and secure when you decide to take up a big step in your life. In that case, you can always talk with a pool table professional to guide you with the type of table that goes with your room aesthetic to the length of the table you should go for. Whenever you’ll rush into a store, they’ll always convince you to take something that costs higher and may not suit your room or space as well. In that case, you should always consult a professional for that. Feel free to ask them all the queries you have like that you can get the answer to which one you should go for. – ask for the material type you should go for. 

  • Cleaning supplies that you might need to maintain your pool table. 
  • The style that suits your house or the table that suits your house. 

3. What’s Your Budget?

Set up a budget. Another important step you need to do before you decide on buying pool tables. The pool table comes at different prices. Do not bring home a super expensive pool table that is not needed. Pool table comes in high to low ranges which generally starts from $500 to $1000. If you have a joint family or a family with a lot of members, then you should consider buying an heirloom table. If you don’t play that often, then you can go for a low-range table. Which is the small pool tables. The medium and the heirloom table come in a high price range. You can customize your tables according to your choice as well. 

4. Does It Have A Warranty?

Claim your warranty for the pool table. As a good pool table costs no less than $2000, you should consider getting a warranty in that case to protect your pool table. If you are investing in a pool table, then you need to claim a warranty as well.

These are some of the points that you need to check on before you decide on buying a pool table. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a pool table and what do you use it for?

A game that is generally played by two players in which you need to put the ball on either side of the table. 

  • Which material is generally used for making the pool table? 

The pool table is generally made up of slate. 

  • For how many years can you use a pool table?

It depends on your maintenance. But generally, you can use one for at least 20-25 years. 

Final Thoughts

It’s time to wrap up the article. These were some of the tips that might help you to bring home a pool table that suits your taste and your room as well. You can always get one for yourself pool tables on sale. Consult with your family as well before buying a pool table as they might come up with their choice as well. Hopefully, this article was informative and relevant. Comment down below if you have any queries.


By varsha

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