No Need to download mCent Online Refer Script Tricks 2016:-


No Need to download mCent Online Refer Script Tricks

Welcome to on TricksClues to all my friends, Now friends, Today I’ve made an Online mCent Referral Script Exclusive For You All TricksClues Users  Online Referral Script Is of mCent online script tricks this time. and also showing what is the new features on mCent latest version? You will already know what is mCent and how to get Free Recharges or Data Packs from using mCent ? Here are some new mCent features given below if you don’t know about that you can get from TricksClues to read them.

The Script will only make a new account for you. We are working on bypassing App Downloads

mCent tricks Online Refer Script Trick 2016:- 

Note- Android ID and IMEI changes Compulsory read about all steps:-

Mcent online script will bypass only app download from your referral link. It doesn’t bypass the app download whhich you need to download for getting referral ammount. So from online script you can only get referral link activation and for ist app download you need to clear data and android ID and download in mcent app.

Note- All unregisted number Password is 11111111

  • First of all go mCent Exclusive Online Refer Script –

    Click Here
  • Now enter  your mCent Refer code and New Unregistered Mobile Number,
  • Note- Suppose your refer link is and In this refer link AbhiX is Refer code.
  • Click on “Submit” option.
  • Enter OTP to verify number
  • You have Registered Successfully .
  • After Now change IMEI number, Android ID, Google ID]
  • Clear Data of Mcent App or Download New App [If you Not Have]
  • Now in your device open mCent app and in your android smartphone and download any one offers App to get referral credit in your old main account (AbhiX)
  • Enjoy mcent Online Refer script

How to Download App -:1:-

  • First download Appbackup from Playstore
  • After backup, Flipkart or Amazon or Fame App
  • Now open Xposed
  • Now open Xposed Open XPOSED Installer>Modules Do not open mcent app after install.
  • Open X-privacy App and change Settings like this- Go to mcent under xprivacy and expand “Shell” menu Tick mark on Su and Sh ticks on
  • Expand “System” menu and Tick mark on “get installed packages”.
  • On  Top right corner menu Click “Settings”.  Here click “Randmize Now” and “save” it by right corner save Icon
  • Ok Done!! After enter unregistered number which you have registered on script and enter password 11111111 and click on any offer as Flipkart click on Try this app and after redirecting to playstore
  • Go to back and Install Flipkart app from backup App.
  • Done!!!

How to Download App -:2:-

  • If you have unrooted phones you have to register number from script
  • After uninstall mcent app from the device
  • And Download new mcent and login with your unregisted no which you have alreday entered in your scripts

Top 3 new feature of mCent:-


1- Top Up (-:NEW:-)

[alert-note]Recently about 3 days ago mCent launches new features for all mCent users. Who recharges daily. Before years ago you were Top Up as like 10, 20, 50, 100, 150. (150 Not shown in this time). Many person talk about why not change Top Up to make like Etop or many sent to complaint why not change Top Up any many are more losses. But Now days a good new from mCent for all user you can Top up and recharge your Data Pack given in all operators. If you want to recharge with 10, 15, 26, 56 or more recharge. Now you can recharge from mCent you will need to upgraded to latest mCent version.[/alert-note]


2- Send Messages and Earn 10 Paise to mCent wallet (NEW)

[alert-note]Another new features of mCent is now if you can send messages from mCent to send other mCent you will get 10 Pasise for 100 messages to all contact. You have already know that mCent provide to sent money one wallet to another mCnet wallet as well as gives new offers to get instantly rewards.[/alert-note]

3- mCent Widgets (New)

Note: mCent previsouly launches many widgets to see your amounts and many more widgets. But In this new Widgets you will see how much data will you usedon that today and how much data your application usage and many more feature are available in this app. I want to say that many app are available on Google play to see your data usages or Internet usage.


    • Dear,Chandan,Thanks for Valuable feedback. I have registered 3 number I have checked referral is working use Xprivacy and clear data to download app or backup alreadyIf any queries or help please consult on Tricksclues email or whatsapp. [email protected]. Please keep on this site and see more free tricks and don’t forget to share with your friends. Thanks


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