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Why a Marine Battery Is Necessary for Your Boat

By outwaynetwork Apr 29, 2022 #Marine Battery
Marine Battery

Some people find it easy to mistake automobile and marine batteries at first glance, but the two are definitely not interchangeable. Not only does your marine battery need to be sized to your vehicle just like your car battery, it also needs to be the right type of battery for the purpose. Many boats, especially large ones, require two or more batteries to keep running.

The reason why is not going to be hard to grasp if you have ever driven an RV or used a camper. The batteries that provide you with long-lasting power and hundreds of full recharging cycles to service your stove, heater, lights, and other amenities are not the same ones you need when you’re asking a boat’s engine to deliver power. Keep that in mind when you search for a marine battery near me, and make sure you also use a retailer who helps you make sure that you’re buying exactly the right battery for your boat.

Built for Intense Movement

Marine starting batteries are designed for the intense and sudden power draw that comes when you really open up the throttle on a boat. They deliver fast energy and recharge very quickly when the alternator kicks in and starts providing power back.

Batteries designed to meet this need are typically not the same as those designed to power your accessories, trolling motor, or other electrical amenities. Most boats use a deep cycle battery for that, although you can find dual build batteries as well.

Provides Powerful Spurts of Energy

The biggest benefit of a dual-use battery is its ability to combine the sudden power delivery and responsive recharging found in starting batteries with the endurance and storage capacity you get from deep cycle batteries. Even so, getting the performance you want out of your battery requires careful consideration of many factors.

  • Is your boat built to handle dual-use batteries or does the manufacturer specify separate starting and deep cycle batteries?
  • What battery capacity do you need?
  • How much time do you spend running electrical amenities when the boat is not moving?
  • Does your boat rely on electricity for support functions like navigation or communication?

Keep in mind when you search for a marine battery near me that even if your boat is designed to work with dual-purpose batteries, you might get better performance out of separate power sources for each type of electrical need on your boat. This is especially true if you tend to demand a lot of performance from the engine when you are out and when you’re planning on running heavy electrical accessories without running the engine.

Whether you need a starting battery, a dual use battery, or a deep cycle marine battery, you can find solid options at any store you trust for replacement bilge pumps and other nautical necessities. Look for retailers whose search parameters make it easier to find the perfect fit for your boat, then take a few minutes to see if there are any other maintenance supplies you need to start the new boating season.

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