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Ludo Game: One of the Best Online Board Games for Fun & Excitement

Best Online Board Games

The online gaming world has been rapidly growing as more people engage themselves in online games. While there are millions of options, one of the games which have stood out is Ludo as the best online board games. The game particularly has got people playing with families and friends, all around the world.

The origins of Ludo date back to the 6th century in India, when it was also known as Pachisi. One can find the earliest references of the game in the depiction of boards of Ellora caves. This 4-player game is a mind-boggler and can keep you hooked till the last moment. Playing the game requires a lot of strategy and observation because one wrong move can cost you and the colour you have chosen to lose.

Ludo being a best online board game, there was a massive surge in the online ludo version where everyone was playing it some way or the other. The online version makes the overall game fun and entertaining. This is a huge hit in that it is not age-specific, and anyone can play it. With the online version, you can play multiple games at the same time.

If you are still not a part of the frenzy, here is what you should know before you download the ludo game on your mobile.

Ease of playing

One factor that makes this game so enjoyable is that the rules are pretty simple, thus making it effortless to play. There are 4 colours with 4 tokens. Each player must ensure that they can move their tokens across the board without getting out, and once a player safely manoeuvers all tokens back to its homes covering the board, wins the game.


While the general rule is the game can be played by 4 players at a time, on a physical board, the online version allows you to play multiple games simultaneously and with people from around the world.

Online experience

The online Ludo is larger than life, high-end, and a seamless experience where you get all the information at your disposal. The graphics and interface are advanced, which makes the overall experience fun and entertaining.

Tournaments and matches

Online Ludo also lets you play in different matches and compete in tournaments. You get to play on them with your friend group or gaming group. You can also play the game to understand how different moves work and strategize to win the game.

Cut opponents and keep moving

Another integral part of the game is to cut your opponent in their path while you keep on moving. One of the tricks is to ensure that all your tokens are spread across the board, and this gives you multiple options to play securely, trying to avoid unnecessary risks.

Cutting your opponent is another crucial tactic, and you should be very careful in the elimination. It is better to avoid taking such risks if they are closer to the end zone, which is the third and fourth quadrant.

Escape route

As a follow-up to the previous point, you need to ensure that you have a foolproof escape once you eliminate your opponent. There are instances where the hunter becomes the hunted, and what you may think will help you in your victory may delay it overall, and you may have the last token on the board. Think wisely before you make a move.

Blocking the road

It would be best if you also learned the tricks of how you can block your opponent so that they are unable to move across the board. You need to know and apply various combinations, which will increase the probability of your opponent slowing down or getting cut, which may be helpful for you to move fast to the finish area.

Playing it safe

It would help if you were calm-headed when you are playing Ludo. When you are close to the home run, you must stay in the safe zone. You need to ensure that when you roll out the die, it gives you the number you want to ensure you will get your tokens safely home. If a player becomes reckless with their pieces closer to home, then the chances of winning are not favourable.

Finish fast and first

Reaching the home area is not enough. You need to ensure that your pieces get to the end zone safely. Don’t let your tokens dangle around for long on the board and it is better advised to take them off before a sneaky move allows your opponent to win.

Since these games are unpredictable, you need to practice them a lot, and even watching reference videos can also be helpful. Once you are familiar with the board’s rules, it will be easier for you to make your move, ensuring that your tokens reach the end zone safely. Besides, this game is more about having fun and enjoying to the fullest.

You need to ensure that your tokens are used judiciously across the board. While it might be challenging to roll the exact number through the die (unless you also learn a trick for that), you need to understand how the die rolling can benefit you. You should not hesitate to cut your opponent’s path midway, and you must wisely decide when it comes to capturing the opponent’s piece.

Play the game just for the fun of it. Getting too competitive might not be a good approach, and you need to embrace how things turn out when you are playing the game. Use whatever knowledge you gather and play multiplayer free games to sharpen your skills.

While there are many platforms where you can play this game, you need to ensure that the platform or app you play on is authentic and, most importantly, is fun. Try your hands at Ludo if you are not doing it already, and start playing at your convenience, anytime, anywhere.

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