How to Use Keyboard As Mouse on PC


How to Use Keyboard As Mouse on PC


Hey Friends,Welcome on TricksClues and today we are going to discuss  about mouse, which is considered an
input device and which is help to send information to the computer.  and also its gives you alternative way to interact
with the computer beside a keyboard.

  • Suppose your Drivers got Corrupted & it’s not Working any more.  Its may not be the Common Problem,
    But that happens with you. And you tried everything like Unplugging and then Puginging my mouse
    back,Uninstalling Drivers and Restarting my PC, even you Search edit on internet too, and you got
    a solution on Use Keyboard as Mouse While Finding for solution to this Problem.
  • Windows OS has an redefine option Called Mouse Keys,  Enable/disable Mouse Keys very Easily.

# How to use Keyboard as mouse on PC

  • Enable Mouse Keys by Pressing Alt + Shift+ number lock keys. Once you do, you will be prompt with the below
    dialog box, Press Yes.
  • Keep your Number lock is Off only if you want to Use keyboard as mouse.
  • Done!!! On your task-bar get visible Mouse Keys icon, it means you fixed all your setting.
  • Now get study your Controllers,Use 8,2,4 and 6 Keys from Number pad to move Up,Down,Left and
  • right respectively.

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