How to use 1 Whatsapp Account in 2 Mobiles Phone



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TricksClues has come, how to use 1 Whatsapp account in 2 Mobiles Phone, If you want to do in your device you will first root your device another installing Whatsapp and titanium app from the playstore, just follow the simple steps to get for more knowledge about 1 Whatsapp Account in 2 Mobiles Phone:-

How to use 1 Whatsapp Account in 2 Mobiles Phone

>>Steps to follow

[alert-note]1. You have a rooted Android phone otherwise can’t done. If you can know how to root your mobile phone,then click here

2. Now install what’s app both 2 mobile phones. If you can’t install app then click here to download app

3. Important in 1 phone login your id of what’s app account.and 2nd phone without logged in.

4. Now install titanium backup on both mobile phones download file from here-click here

5. Open titanium backup in 1 phone in which you can logged in your id.Now in app click on search icon and type what’s app. Now your what’s app will shown in list and you can click on it

6. Now backup option is visible click on backup option to backup your what’s app user data

7. After backup user data ,gone to the file manager and go to titanium backup you can find a folder com.what’sapp

8. When you can open com.what’sapp folder, here you can see three files and send both three files to other phone.

9. you can send files over Bluetooth only,because I tested.

10. Now open titanium backup on 2nd phone and again search what’s app and click on what’s app then choose Restore option.

11. Click on data Restore

12. Boom ! Done. Your what’s app account is logged in. >> I hope you can enjoy with this trick. Thanks for visiting………[/alert-note]



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