How To Take Failure In Order To Get Success


How To Take Failure In Order To Get Success

How To Take Failure In Order To Get Success: As we all know that success has many fathers but failure is something which is orphan. But still lots of people do not take any step toward reach their goal just because of fear to get fail. Or in other word we can say that thay don’t take any risk. Because if we wants to achieve something in our life it is also risk. Because there are 50-50 chances you might achieve that goal or you may not able to touch that height due to some marginal mistake/error. Marginal error iam saying because as we all know throat cut competition in every field of life. And by which rate our population is increasing employment opportunities are not growing the same rate that is the main reason that we are facing cut throat competition in every field of life. Now in such big ocean of competition if we will not take care of every single step that we will take than even single marginal/minor mistake can lead us to the failure. But failure is not as bad thing as we take it. Failure having its own so many positive impact. As we know that failure is great teacher. No teacher can teach us those things which we learn from our own failure. And those things which we learn from our failure remain long lasting in our subconscious mind which we never forget. Ultimately it becomes the experience. And apart from this failure gives us good opportunity to learn from. So in future if we will face same kind of or relating to this problem will face we can easily overcome on it successfully. And of curse one very fair way to get rid from failure is hardwork. And success is something which every person want to achieve in his own life. As I already mention that success has many pillers. And this piller remain mostly unvisible to many people. The thing they only see is only success. And they blindly start to follow them. But they don’t see those hidden pillers of success which are base of the success or which requires very urgently in order to get success. And those main pillers are:

Dedication: you have to think only and only about your goal rest all thing should be forget.

Hardwork: This is first basic step toward success. Without this no one can even imagine to get success.

Disciplene: there should be a proper time table as per your’s convenience and must be strict on it.

Disappointment: Despite lots of failure we should not give up. This is most important piller of success.

Sacrifices: Lot of need to get sacrified in order to get success.

Persistence: As mention above “not to give up” is basic  thing in order to get success.
So finally failure and success just as two parts of coin. If we tossed a coin it is confirmed that one side of coin will be come up. So it doesn’t mean that we should avoid toss the coin . We would have to show persistency so that finally we can get our desirable “SUCCESS”.


  1. A person never trully fails, until they give up. Obtaining your goals, is alot like the kid’s board game “Battleship”.Your failures and misses are only feelers, markers to point out how to obtain success in your aspirations. With enough effort, a person can be master over any obstacles, and appear like a miracle to others. Doing the remarkable, doesn’t take “luck”.It takes trial and persistence.It can look like the odds are stacked against you,or it can look like your ideals even out the playing field.It’s all up to perception.

    • sir we are agree with you that luck is something which decided by our thoughts.What we thinks that most probably become the creator of our luck.And rest all important hidden pillar of success which most people are not able to see in any person success that’s what we have tried to convey through our article.


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