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How To Select CNC Prototyping Service?

CNC Prototyping Service

With the launch of a new product looming over and tight deadlines to meet, getting your product from the design phase into production can be a daunting task. And before committing to full production, an intensive testing phase has to be put into place in order to determine design flaws if any. CNC Prototyping Service

This is where CNC prototyping service comes into place to resort all your design issues and get your final product in the market on time.

CNC (computerized numerical control) machine allows the user to manufacture different parts that can be directly machined off 3D CAD diagrams with the aid of computer-aided precision cutters and tools.

CNC machining is one of the oldest methods of prototype manufacturing and is still being used by many companies all over the world. It is said to be one of the most traditional methods of prototyping designs rapidly and effectively. It has high precision and accuracy along with the ability to meet complex design requirements via multi-axis machining. It also allows you to have your designs manufactured in a physical form using a wide array of materials at a comparatively lower cost to other prototyping methods such as 3D printing or PU Vacuum Casting.

CNC Prototyping Services: Milling & Turing

CNC prototyping uses two distinct techniques to manufacture a prototype: milling and turning.



Milling under CNC is a subtractive manufacturing process that incorporates the use of 5-axis and 3-axis movement in order to swiftly chip off metals or plastic solid blocks into a final piece.


Turning is a combination of lathe and milling process. Turning involves fast rotation of cylindrical rods over a lathe machine while milling is done in order to shape the raw material.

The Best CNC Prototyping Servicing Company

Selecting the best CNC prototyping servicing company can be a challenging task as well. In order to determine which company to choose from, here is a set of criteria that you can look into.



Knowledge of Your Industry

Once choosing any CNC prototype machining company, it is best to go for the company that is familiar with your industry and has the knowledge of how your industry works. A company having an experience in the field would be ready to solve all your prototype problems rather creating more for you.

Capacity to create your prototype

It is crucial that the company must have the prototyping capabilities that the complex design of your products may require. Any prototyping service having limited manufacturing capacity will hinder your final product full potential.


Up-to-date prototyping service

It is necessary that the chosen prototyping company is keeping itself at pace with the changing technology. In this way, they can handle your complex design better in a more effective and efficient way.

Provision to allow design changes

Any product design is bound to change over the course of the prototype manufacturing before it is finally approved for mass production. The CNC prototyping service company must allow this provision for change management.

Low volume production

During the manufacturing of your finalized product design, there will be instances where it would be a requirement for the manufacturing of just a few pieces of your products either to buffer off the market demand or because your manufacturing line is not cost-effective to handle low volume production. Under such case, your chosen prototyping service can come in handy to meet your product demands.

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