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How To Proceed After An Accident on a Construction Site

After An Accident

It’s pretty clear to most people that working in the construction industry is a very dangerous profession. Construction workers are sent to the hospital each year for a number of injuries, including minor cuts that may require stitches to injuries that end in a fatality. Because of the many dangers that are necessary for jobsite productivity, construction accidents happen and they happen frequently. Sometimes these dangers consist of inadequately-trained co-workers or a simple accident involving dangerous materials, high-voltage electricity or hazardous equipment. The problem is so serious that the CDC calculates that there are over 350,000 injuries that are non-fatal and more than 1,000 that end in death during construction site accidents every year. Construction workers have been subjected to startling injury rates, prompting both state and federal safety requirements to be implemented for their safety. These new rules include preventive steps to reduce accidents, as well as advice on how to handle the case of an accident to ensure the rights and well-being of the workers.

After an Accident, How to Protect Yourself

When you or someone you love is hurt in a major construction accident, it is critical that the appropriate actions be done to ensure the safety and rights of the injured person. This makes them eligible for workers’ compensation because the injury happened at work or as a consequence of their job obligations. The worker must make the necessary actions to prove the validity of his claim in order to receive the full benefits of workers’ comp to cover medical bills and lost wages for missing work. These actions are as follows:

– Obtain medical attention. After a work-related injury, the first and most critical action to take is to evaluate and get treated for your injury.  If there’s someone on site with a valid first-aid certification, they should be the one to provide medical assistance before the paramedics arrive. Seeing a medical professional is important before returning to work, even if you believe the injury is small. Why? Because you may be unaware of the significance of your injury. A concussion might be concealed by a slight bump on the head, while a pain in your abdomen could indicate internal problems.

– Document and record when, where and how the injury happened. If the injured person is physically able, they should document all the important details of the injury and accident, including the time and date it took place, where it happened and the possible reason that caused it. These documents might be used as evidence in the future.

– Officially report the injury. An injured worker is required to report the accident to his supervisor or manager immediately. In doing this, the injured party should note who they reported the incident to, including their name and job title, as well as the date you officially submitted the injury report. The information will be included in the case notes of the injured person.

– Locate witnesses who may be able to offer details about the accident. If able, the injured party or loved ones should collect the contact details of any witnesses to the accident. It could be useful to jot down an account of what they witnessed so that it can be used as proof later.

– Keeping track of any accident evidence that may be necessary for your claim. Photographs of the injuries, the scene of the accident and any equipment used should also be taken. Make every effort to save as much evidence as you can.

– Obtain all medical records, documents, and photos. When seeking medical treatment after an accident, the injured person should ensure that their injuries are recorded and freely available. Important points to note are the names of the physicians, the treatments that were done, and any medications that were given for recovery.

– Getting in touch with a qualified attorney. It might be difficult to establish a compelling claim for workers’ comp or personal injury damages without a legal professional. Despite the fact that the injury was plainly caused by workplace carelessness, your employer may attempt to dismiss your claim or refuse to pay benefits outright. In situations of significant injury, it’s best to hire a lawyer to assist you in establishing your claim.

What kind of benefits you can receive and specific requirements regarding workers’ compensation vary around the country. For example, claims in Texas may differ from claims made in New Jersey. This is why you may need to seek out New Jersey work injury lawyers or a construction accident lawyer Ewing, New Jersey. You never want to enter a legal claim without gathering the right information and knowing what kind of claim is available to you.

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