How to increase Whatsapp Validity for 1 years 2016



Hello Friends, Welcome to on TricksClues, Now today I am presenting how to increase Whatsapp Validity without purchasing any amount. Suppose If you have a Whatsapp account and expired left only 20days. Many people do not know and purchase Whatsapp for 1 years or change your mobile number with new number. Many people perturbed to this problem many years. But Now friends TricksClues have already solved this problem. Now friends Today I am showing how to Increase yours Whatsapp validity for 1 years for free. If you want to solve Whatsapp validity problem. You just need to follow my steps:-

How to increase Whatsapp Validity for 1 years:-

Step -1- Open Whatsapp app in your device or any one such as Emulator

Step -2- Now click on right side on the above you will see Settings click on there

Step -3- After that click on Account

Step -4- Now you will see Change number click on there & click on next

Step -5- After you will see Old phone number and New phone number

Step -6- Now Friends, I tell you that the phone number which you want to increase, Enter on old number such for Example- 9559…..

Step -6- Now Friends, You will have one new number which is not register on Whatsapp After Enter new number on new phone number such for Example- 8090…..

Steps -7- Now click on Done After verify Whatsapp with new number and code.

Steps -8-  Now you will see your device as for notification your old Whatsapp no is Extended to 1 years.

Steps -9- Now friends I am telly you that your Whatsapp number is change to 8090 number.

Steps- 10- Now you have to change your new number to old number which you have already to use

Steps -11- Now Friends Again Click on Whatsapp<< Settings<< Account<<Change number<

Steps -12- Enter (8090.. number which you have enter on your device) On old phone number and Enter 9559.. number on new phone number and verify it.

Steps -13- Now you can check your old Whatsapp number is increased for 1 years you can do all times to increase your Whatsapp validity per/years.

Steps -14- Enjoy!! If you want to like this post share on your Whatsapp Groups Or Facebook. Now you can see all tricks on TricksClues app you can download form GooglePlay Store or Click Here




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