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Hiring the Right Person: How to Design Interview Questions

By Sambit Sep 4, 2021
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Competence is a trait that you should place a premium on. The success of any business is pegged on this trait. You may have all it takes to get your business to the next level, but what about the people who work for you?

Some business owners often overlook the importance of interviews during the recruitment process. They are easy to fall for impressive CVs and cover pages from job seekers. Mistakenly assuming that the documents will equate to ideal work ethics.

You need to design interview questions to gain insights into a recruit’s professionalism. That’s the only way of ensuring you’ll have team members who fit into your organization’s competencies.

Here are some interview questions that will help you hire the right person.

1. Design the Interview Questions Around What the Prospect Likes

The initial behavioral interview questions should be positive. You want the potential recruit to feel at home so that they talk about themselves. Start by asking them to tell you what they adore about their current positions first.

You’ll learn useful information from the answers to this question. First, you’ll get to understand the prospect’s strengths. Then you’ll know more about the responsibilities that they are willing to take on.

Some of the answers to these questions might act as red flags to recruitment agencies. For instance, a prospect who focuses on the perks but fails to talk about the duties.

2. The Interview Design Should Focus on Fitness for Position

It’s always good to find out what motivates a person to come work for you. And you’d know this by posing a simple question to the prospects. Why do they think they are suitable for the position on offer?

You’ll get a myriad of answers, which are good indicators of the suitability of a recruit for the task at hand. Some of the basics that you’ll find out include:

  • The level of skills of each candidate.
  • If the candidates’ interest in a position stems from the responsibilities associated with that position.
  • The level of preparedness of each candidate for the interview process.

3. Frame the Some of the Interview Questions Around Accomplishments

You want to hire someone who adds value to your operations. So ask each candidate to talk about their accomplishments in their previous positions. You’ll get a deeper understanding of what each prospect values most in their field.

Be keen on specifics of a project that makes them proud the most. It’s a good indicator of what motivates them to perform tasks. It’s also a sneak peek of their core competencies that you might benefit from in the future.

4. Touch on Past Experiences

Questions that touch on past experiences give you detailed explanations of a prospect’s employment history. These answers are way deeper than the information from their resumes. They enable you to gauge the candidate’s level of skill and satisfaction with the role that they’ll be expected to play.

How to Design Interview Questions

The recruitment process has unique challenges that hinder firms from acquiring the best talent. Yet it’s easy to overcome most of these challenges by paying attention to the design interview questions. Asking the right questions will separate the wheat from the chaff.

Don’t fall for the trap of skipping interviews because of relying on impressive resumes alone to hire people. Some people are master forgers. For more informative articles, scroll through this website.

By Sambit

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