How to Control your Computer remotely


Welcome to on We again came back with the new trick how to remotely control your pc. You can access any computer or even your friend’s or relative’s PC just by sitting at one place. I hope this trick is helpful for you and you can chat with the person from any place.

> ONE IMPORTANT REMIND That your internet connection has good connectivity and use only google chrome.

How to Control your Computer remotely


>> How to Control your Computer remotely: Seps

[alert-note]1. Open your Google chrome browser and download chrome remote access. After that enter the name whose computer you want to access.

2. Now this application will be added to your browser and its shown at right top corner.

3. Click on the name and continue. Now select option allow access to data.

4. Now choose option “share This computer”, After that your code is generated. Now send a code to your partner.

5. Your partner can accept the code and need for enter on the code. Now your computer will be shared to your partner.[/alert-note]


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