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Gaming on iOS vs. Android – the pros and cons of both systems

Gaming on iOS vs. Android

With constant technological advancements, online gaming has moved on from just being available on PC to allowing seamless accessibility for mobile devices. Both iOS and Android operating systems are beneficiaries of this latest development. There are many features these mobile devices offer to users, and each is unique in its own way. But the question is – which one is a better option for gaming on iOS?

This article will take a critical look at the advantages and disadvantages of gaming on these different operating systems.- Gaming on iOS

Basics for a superb gaming experience

Before diving in to know the differences between both operating systems, it is necessary to understand the requirements for a good mobile gaming experience. There are basic rules which must be fulfilled before higher orders.

  1. Longer and stronger battery life – Gaming online with mobile devices is power intensive. Staying connected to the internet and taking lots of screen time can take a toll on the battery. It is also recommended not to play games when the device is charging. For this reason, a device with solid battery life is essential to have a more extended gaming session without worrying about low juice.
  2. Broader and better screen pixels – A better screen equals optimal entertainment. With larger screens, players can access all parts of the game without worrying about resizing.
  3. Ample storage for both ROM and RAM – All mobile devices come with a limited amount of storage. Using the phone to store information could strain the health, and with more games needing space, devices with low storage may become plagued by malfunction. 

iOS vs. Android: which offers a better gaming experience?

  • Access to games on the Store 

When it comes to games available on the official app stores, Android devices have a minimal number compared to Apple devices. Many gaming companies have collaborated with Apple to list their games on the official store. While these may be available on the Google Play Store, they often have a price tag. Several casino gaming apps are also restricted on the Play Store.

  • Strong battery life

Modern Android devices now come with more extensive battery storage. It is common to see battery sizes up to 6000 mAh. At the same time, the iPhone 7, for example, has a battery capacity of just 1960mAh. For battery support, Android devices are at an advantage over their Apple counterparts.

  • Game emulators

Many online gamers are still in love with old-school gaming consoles. These classic games like Contra and Super Mario can be played on Android devices because of emulators that are easily downloadable. However, iOS devices restrict the use of emulators due to strict privacy policies. Also, iOS users are at risk of malware if they download emulators through third-party sites.

  • Bonus offers

Online casinos now offer lots of bonuses for their iOS and Android customers. However, iPhone users have limited access to these offers because of policy restrictions. On the other hand, Google Play has more flexible policies. So, Android owners can easily filter casino bonuses through their mobile app. 

Final words

All smartphones have advantages and disadvantages. The better gaming device is subjective and depends on individual preferences.

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